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 Exclusive Interview by Tomi Oshin for AfriTunes Blog

 Who is Damsel?

Ejoh Ugochi Vivian also known as DAMSEL is a musical performing artiste. One of Nigerians fit to be reckon with female act born and breed in Lagos Nigeria but hail from Imo state owerri the eastern part of Nigeria. Music and the business it entails  is my hussle, interest and profession. She is fondly called HRH - Her Royal Hottest and Proudly regarded as Nigerians Most Sought After Female Act at the moment... Musically damsel stormed the industry with a good intro song titled 'Akumba Dance' which as a video to it credit. and ever since she as been keeping it real with her fans world wide anticipating for more juicy creative songs from her! Other intellectual materials to reckon with is 'Naija Gyrate', 'As Usual+Godswill', 'Won wa Mi' and the official Dope for at the moment 'ILEKE'. This is who the Brand DAMSEL is. All her intellectual materials can googled and gotten online.

 Brief into your background?

I had a very humble background. Grew up in the hoods with kids with high expectations from life...  Growing up was a mixture of humble breed but strict handling from my parent who made sure their kids were never caught in the wrong direction despite the impact naturally passed in the hood life.. But for me it was a wonderful experience for I learnt a lot in the hood. I learn to turn all around me into fortune for I never will want my generation to be born in it.

 What was your growing up like?

I was born in a family of six including mum and dad. Am the first of four kids with 3 (three) younger siblings a girl and two boys. It was a free for all neighbourhood and life right there was fun with different kids to learn from. I was always found around Guys becaunse my peer mate den in the neighborhood where all guys. I happen to be the only female that belongs to m set group. That impacted to my way of life for I lived as a tom boy for years and up to date the tom life style still dwells a bit in me. (Smiles)

 At what point did your realize your talent?

I was 11 in my junior class when I discovered the gift of music in me. That at was when I joined the preteen choir in church and I started exhibiting the talent and I nurtured it in a noisy way and I often wait for the nosiest period in school to explore because that is the only privilege I have got to make my noise while peeps are also busy making their noise! As if that was not enough I go about buying song translated books where I get to memories all lyrics in my head. Then I save up weekly to buy that book n get all latest and old tunes. It was fun then because musically I was on point with latest tunes; I became the school genius when kids get to argue on what an artiste said in a song. I often know the exact word and sentence. If so funny but that is how it rooted in me and music became part of me.

Bold step?

That was when I took my savings to get collections of musical albums of both Nigerian and foreign artiste because I wanted to discover my style, brand and icon in the industry... (Smiles) I think I bought 22 albums of home and away artiste that was when I was 15 about to round up secondary education. I randomly picked base on my interest on the artiste personality, style of music and accuracy of delivery...

Did your Parent support you going into music?

It was a weak one I must say most especially from my mum. But I have a father who loves music so much that every night before bed he will play is collections and enjoy himself (smiles).. He continually say to me till now that 'If you come across the famous raskimono tell him you are the daughter of 'Tony the Don' his good friend way back who mixed the substance and applied it on his head to form the current tread lock he is carrying up to date when they lived together in fadeyi.for donkey years (Smiles).

Not until my mum started hearing my songs on radio, watch and read about me on papers and online that she made way for me. She now keeps me inform of favorable events. I dear not tell her I have big show coming up. My mum where ever she is will keep calling to make sure I don't miss my shows and when I do I get question queries and I ask myself if it is the same mum who was never in support from the scratch.

 Why music?

Music because located me from me. I find myself in tune with it; doing it very natural in as much as this days I have been able to take it off the phase that it is just a gift to a phase of proper grooming and monitoring.

Your latest song... Kindly brief us about it?

'ILEKE' massive great hit gradually picking up far and wide is a trad-cultural oriented song to appreciate the beauty of every woman who counts herself lucky to be one and who as well finds her self beautiful. Ileke in it content talked about a true African woman in love despite her beauty seems to be submissive to love. Ileke is a trad- cultural Hit Banger not too fast not too slow temple wise. It is a description of any woman who sees herself a damsel. Traditionally in the old; women place beads round their waiste to signify beauty. That is the turn this song is taken. A young pretty girl being describes as 'Omo Ele' in yoruba Nigerian language which means a Damsel.

Did your song acceptance meet up to your expectation?

Ileke is taking a gradual paste in dominating and to a large extent such songs are the best in terms of not quickly fading away because of it interpretation. A lot where surprise at my improvement lyrically and delivery... Ileke sure will go far! And the acceptance is gradual but impressive and will conquer!

 Are you currently signed unto a Label or Management company?

Am unsigned at the moment but have got a manager and backup team who work with me. Reach him on this; +2347064460658 to discuss signing deal with me or show deals. Our paste now is strong! But we still need me to be signed so as to fully materialize in as much as we are not flourishing far and wide now!

 As a diva in the music industry.. How do you cope with your male fans?

(Smiles). They help the ministry to be graceful. Imagine that we don't have them at all; the journey won't be fun at all. I appreciate all advances from them because it reminds me that am a lady who must draw attention. It no big deal it just common sense in dealing with them that all it takes...  My male fans as always been supportive; it sure will be an empty place to dwell. (Smiles)

 How do you cope with your Fame?

One thing about fame is that it keeps coming so long as the brands makes it self relevant daily in the game... Fame as placed me on comporting grounds a lot say it is forming but it is brand carriage... I am no longer the babe to been everywhere but when am sighted I surrender to all fans and olds pals + friends with loyalty and respect because they made the brand DAMSEL. Fame only reshape your view of community that all. It pre-notices me that I have become an idol but I don't allow it to overshadow me

 Are there any changes in you before and during your Fame?

There are no specific changes really! The only changes are the way and manners have being approached by my fans and well wishers. The 'IDOL' thing. Personally am always playful, accommodating and friendly... It has changed nothing but has added to me being comporting in all I do!

Your best performance... Shed light to it?

For real I can't say this or that event was my best! Damsel trills all the time.. No dull moment for me. The stage for me is who I am (Nigerians Most Sought after Female act at the moment) I give my audience the very best each time I come in contact with them.

 Let's talk about Akumba dance... What is the concept behind it?

For Acumba Dance; it was a success song to high recognition for me. It was a stepping stone to the fame land. That dance was a play venture for me and my kid ones. Each time we get money from family friends and relatives; you know such money are often not planned so we dance very funny in joy and happiness. While dancing we make funny moves with our legs spread open in a funny way.  
On a lighter note; the name Acumba Dance was an acronym derived from the igbo sentence 'Akunuba' which means wealth and riches. Now you see the connect it has gotten with when I get free cash gift from fellas (smiles).

Is AKumba dance worth comparing with Alingo and kukere dance?

Am honestly in no comparism with colleague acts in the game. I simply do my things and allow fans to enjoy themselves. Akumba dance as been accepted by many already! It is unique and so easy to dance. It simplicity is in the uniqueness of the song and the dance move. It as blossom and it still retains relevance till date!

AKumba Dance.. What is the meaning of AKUMBA DANCE?

AKumba Dance was an acronym derived from the igbo sentence 'Akunuba' which means wealth and riches. Dance for the wealthy base on the words meaning.

 How do you get your inspiration?

It often from factors, experience and situations around me.

 Have you feature any Artiste?

On it already.  But yet to be release due to in house factors and arrangement. We are looking at stabilizing some arranged agreement before we actually drop it! Watch out for it is going to be massive.

Who and who do you look forward to feature in your music?

Like I said earlier am on it. I did like to keep names posted till the actual period for release..

 Are your songs meeting up to your expectation?

Sure! Am growing daily and becoming Nigerians Most Sort after Female act by the day! It has been quiet a journey with thick hussles but I bless God. My connect with u the interviewee is because you got familiar with the name DAMSEL and the songs to my credit. If not so; this long take of my time and yours will not be needful. LOL

Any album project?

That is also soon but I can't say date fro now but I sure will keep all informed as e dey go! We are on it.

 How do you relax?

Honestly am the house fun person. If not for what I do for a living. I do sit at home with good food, watch good programmes, sleep and play indoor games.

Your favourite Sport?

Am a lover of speed sport. Race, car race, swimming etc I also love body sport to gymnastic.

 Your favourite food?

Vegetables. What ever that is been made with vegetables for me is cool.

 Do you still visit... MamA sikira joint to eat your local food?

(Laughing) it funny how you could root that in this interview but it cool. Mama sikira as class hope you know so to. There are some clean mama sikira that I can enter to load my tummy. But I have issues with dirt and too crowded environment when it comes to feeding. The more the crowd the less attention they pay to neatness. I try to sort for clean environment and this often time comes with a situation where there is no choice base on environment structure.

In the next 5yrs... Where do you see yourself?

Two years before now I was thinking of where I will be in the game two years later. But today I see the changes and the speed in acceptance which s been my major achievement. 5years from now; I know the full chart plan for the brand DAMSEL would have materialized in full and fully dominated as it has been mapped out!

Ugly moment in your life?

The days when I had to move around begging to get listened to; and given a chance to perform in events. The days when I trusted in people in the game to manage me and unleash the hidden tent in me and they squander my little fun that took me stress, pains to generate. This particular one hot me till date because it almost messed me up and disstabilise a lot about my sanity as a being. But I bless God that man is not actually God. If man was God a lot will never go well with fellow men of same blood and flesh running in the vain. I bless courage and trust in what I have in me that keeps lighting me up to fight for my star to shine. Today reverse is the story! The world is getting aware of a vibrant chick in the game balling well. Am not doing bad musically. The name is out, recognition of my presence far and wide. I simply give thanks for his remembrance.

How did you intend to cope in the industry where female artistes recognition is limited compare to male counterpart?

How woman go compete with man for industry wey men full? Very funny you know but a lot get covered with fear and I read it in them. But I did like to say this very open. I am in no competition with no one male or female. We are born differently with different level of creativity and we shall exhibit that creativity differently!

Advice to upcoming Artistes looking up to you?

I made the mistake of depending on people and believing that with who they are in the game they will help me. But reverse was the case. My career was almost set ablaze but God pass man. What you will be is right in that hand of yours. Get to know those who ball the game. They are very few of them as well great to know those who crowd the game. Get to understand the job of every genre in the game and get to know the rules guiding each genre. Never forget to let go the very important ones who ball the game when they seem to be making head way difficult for u. Free them with respect and no sign of disregards. You have done well to have recognized them from the initials. If they don't recognize you that u may be the next and keep you close allow them go with no form of disloyalty. They will come looking for you when it your turn. Envy no one for we all came to the game differently and time will get to all differently. Please fellow artiste be humble and loyal to those before you and after you no body stays there for long except if you are humble and loyal with common sense attach to it though.

Last word to your fans...

I keep saying this. I came this well because my fans stood by me. some peeps stick to believe in me despite all measures they refuse to disbelieve despite all they made sure they spread the news to make a better me. I DAMSEL am grateful for all supports, hype from my able FANS And I will keep the good work and represent you all well.

AfriTunes: DAMSEL….. Thank you for your time......
Damsel:  with all pleasure

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