Our own govt is weak and incapable…. GEE4


Exclusive Interview by Tomi Oshin for AfriTunes

Who is GEE4?
Am an artiste from the federal republic of Nigeria.. haha. My real name is Gbenga Egbeyemi Damilola.

Shed more light to your background?

I am from Abeokuta in Ogun State but was born and bred in Lagos. I got to know my hometown 2 yr ago even though it's quite close to Gidi(Lagos). My mom is late (R.I.P to her) and am a victim of a father who never turned up from time. You know some of our African men nah Lol....but thank God for the gift of life and his great manifestations.

Let us into your educational background?
I had my primary and secondary education in Lagos and later schooled in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic (Fomerly Ondo State Polytechnic) before traveling out of the country.

What did u study while in school?
Business Administration

Why Music?
It's where my passion lies and what i've always wanted to do... God has given every man out there atleast a specific talent and it's left for you to discover it. I discovered mine and am living the dream.

At what point did you decide to go into music?

How supportive are your parent toward your music career?
Mom is late and dad was never around so the support has always come from God, my fans and everyone who has been showing me love.

What kind of music do you do?
Afro-pop, but i do a fusion of other genres too....no limit when you are talented.

What inspire you?
The environment, my background, the mood i am and the Ladies out there. Shout out to y'all.

Bold Step?
Turning down a bank job to follow up on my career even when i had nothing.

Who and what are the major influences on your career?
Lots of them but i'll mention a few like Fela, Akon, Tuface, Sir Ebenezar Obey ,Bob Marley, Machel Montano and so on. Like i said earlier my environment contributes a lot.

You feature Skales former EME Artiste on one of your single Titled'
Turn me on' Wat is it like working with Skales?

Skales is a good friend and like we all know he's a very talented act.  Turn me on was not planned and it came up during one of our freestyle sessions in the studio.  We recorded it and after listening to it a couple of times, i decided to follow it up with a video cos the song was dope and a lot of people like it. 

Kindly brief us the concept behind your latest singles'' ILEKE and Sugar''

ILEKE is a “Yoruba term” and it simply means” bead”. So many ladies around the world are fond of waist beads. It's a fashion statement that has been in vogue for a long time and it comes in different forms like gold chains, fancy beads, local beads,diamonds and so on.  My song ILEKE came as a form of appraisal for the beautiful ladies out there who makes use of it as a fashion statement. Also for those who doesn't as long as you are African and know about it's existence. SUGAR is more of a hip-life dancehall with a unique flavour and it talks about appreciating a lady. Our women are meant to be pampered and appreciated.

Are the songs acceptance meeting up to your expectation?

Definitely, they are getting massive attention and the ILEKE video will be dropping soon and SUGAR later in the year.

Are you signed under any record label?
I front my own label DOPE HITZ CITY for now but am opened to partnership. 

Any interest from any label yet?
Yeah, but we are still talking so like i said earlier am still an open market till a deal is secured.

How have you been able to promote your songs since you are not yet
Signed to a record label?
Well that's DHC power.... God is in control haha.

Should we be expecting any single from you soon?
Yeah i'll be dropping another single as soon as ILEKE video drops....I bet it; it's a kind of track you are not expecting from someone like me so keep your fingers crossed.

What project are you working on right now?
My videos and recording spree

Now let's look into the insecurity in the country.. Especially the
Kidnapping of over 200 chibok school girls.. What is your opinion?
Bad government in short....

How can we put an end to this menace?
Honestly we've been and will keep deceiving ourselves even though we all know the truth... I think we need God's intervention right now.

Do you support negotiation with the boko haram sect?
Not at all

What roles do you think Artistes can play towards the issue of
Insecurity and kidnapping in the country?

As Celebs we've got strong voice and are role models in our own ways..... By voicing out our opinions, a lot of our fans and people out there will support our motives and by so doing, the government will  realize the people's displeasure at the way they are handling things because we are the voice of the people.

What is your opinion toward the 50million Naira tagged by the Nigerian
Police Force for who ever give them relevant information’s on how to
bring back the abducted girls?
For Naija Lol....My lips are sealed abeg.

What do you think about foreign security agencies intervention?
Most of them have gone through such problems in the past and they can actually be of help since our own govt is weak and incapable.

Advice to upcoming Artistes looking forward to you?
Put God first and be prayerful because that's the main key.... Then focus and don't give up on what you believe.

Last word to your fans?

AfriTunes: Thanks for spending your precious time with us

GEE4: it’s a pleasure

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Anonymous said…
I dof my hat for you Gee4...Even though i never met you before, I strongly tip you for grammy award..See you at the top bro..Goodluck but not Jonathan oooo...Daris God by ur side ooo
Anonymous said…
shout out to you for tha good works GOD is your strength....
Anonymous said…
Great interview. ..can't wait to see you in the states
God bless you.
Make sure your tour includes NC.