Oluwaseun Paul Olaniyia.k.aJakuzzi was born in Lagos  but raised between Ghana and Nigeria while he was growing up, he  started music when he was 8 years old as a kid. He debuted with Solidstar's 'One In A Million Remix' in 2009 and since then he's been on lyrical rampage.
Ever since Oba Jay as fondly called have worked with some Good artiste like Teeblaq,Base1,KofoPFame,Cartiair, W4,Jay sleek, Sound Sultan, YemiAlade, Frank D Nero ,Poppito.
Jakuzzi New singles are music with enjoyable lyrics accompanied by well-strummed contemporary sounds poised to take over the Radio and household around Nigeria and beyond as its already selling on ITunes.
In this interview with OlaitanMatti, Oba Jay as fondly tells us about his Background, new single GbaBe and ladies.

Tell us about yourself?

My name Oluwaseun Paul Olaniyi, the name Jakuzzi simply means chiiling while listening to my music Am from Osun state, but born and bred in Lagos and shuttle between Ghana, my Dad works at the Indusatrial Court, and my mum is a trader, while growing up, I think I have more of friend who have become family due to trusted relationship and love in the Street.

Your music background?

I started loving different sounds since I was Nine at the Church Chior at Baptist, I wasn’t doing anything, but just assisting the band, but I later playing drums and singing the base backup with the choir, over time, I understand I could be a solo artiste, and was expose to songs of Forgine rappers like 2pac, Nas, Jay Z, Damian Marley and I felt I could Rap in my own way, I rap in Yoruba, Pigin and English language, I also sing hooks on my Studio Records. I recorded by first Indigenous Rap single in 2005, I recorded songs like Emi Ni, Fever, Osha Mo but I wasn’t on any platform then, just an independent artiste seeking for Funds.

When was your debut major breakthrough ?

I was on Solid Star “One In a Million” Single in 2009, and have worked with artiste like Catire, W4, BuckWella, YQ, DrFrabs.

Tell us about your new single ‘Gbabe’

“Gba be” means, Take it like that, also means “The Truth, Take It”. Its means positivity and greatness, it’s a contemporary mid tempo song produed by BoomBeat, the video will be out soon, have been getting positive comments about the song and thanks to my Record Label, BWE, Broklyn World Entertainment, they have tried to put me in the best and most supporting platform for new artiste like me, and we are really doing a whole of work.

What your Genre of Music ?

I think I do the future genres of music Afrobeat, Afro Hip Hop, Indigenous Rap, all could be called a circular Music, a Contemporary Sounds and Rhythm with deep Africa Root, am also a singer, I will be doing some R&B in my album (Laugh), I just notice anytime am about singing, I become so free and express my inner feelings, that’s the real feeling from the soul inspired by our environment and our day to day activities.

What are the plans for 2015?

(Smile) I know this a greater year in my music career, this year is all about dishing out good music, currently have featured on many songs of diffrent great artistes which will be released soon and will also be dropping my new singles and videos too, so its a whole lot of work, just want everybody to watch out for my music.

What are the Challenges?
The challenges then was always the finance for promoting the music we do, since the structure on ground in the Nigeria music is not helping, but thank God we trying to get a voice now, the challenge right now is Time, but am still having time to record new song and improving in my skills everyday, which has always been the aim and that been keeping me going, I think it’s a whole new level right now, been performing in Gigs and Concert, its been so much hard work, Thank God.

Most of your song reflect The Street, tell us about it?

I won’t deny the fact that am from the street, which has always one way or the other influence my kind of music and lifestyle, it has really been a very positive impact and am trying to preach Consciousness  in my music not only the Women and Rich Lifestyle other contemporaries always singing about.

So you don’t sing about love or Ladies in your music?

I do, I just record a wedding song some weeks ago, I sing about women, but it must be in a very respectable manner. Not taking about explicit content, I think that’s so uncalled for, when singing in a moderate society were the under Aged are part of your Audience. When every am doing music,  have got a Global Market so I shouldn’t be doing redundant music, am always doing a song that will cut across, not because I like it or my producer but always want to be doing good music.

How have you been coping with the female admires?

it’s been fun with them, I have been having a lot of female friends lately and they have been I love with my song and the personality, so I think I want more girls.

Do you see Olamide, Reminisce, Seriki and others as threat?

Oh no, I don’t see anybody  as a threat but a friends and brother , it’s a very big industry, as much as your fans can be identify and you keep performing in Gigs and getting paid, I think, the Sky is big enough for every bird to Fly.

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