‘Gather’ is a word tantamount to ‘increase’, ‘strengthen’ and ‘more’… And when we hear ‘let’s gather’ we sure know that something is about to happen!
MELODY OF MTN PROJECT FAME 7.0 made a promise of “no dulling moment” while she released her first official hit single #Soso, which has enjoyed loads of airplay in recent times and still has her fans delighting their callers with the Ring back tune. The multi-talented performer seems to have kept that promise - she just released another hit single ‘I Gather’!
When asked her inspiration for this new “weighty” title, the gorgeous singer says the reality of life is that people are competitive in nature. We tend to want to do better than our neighbor or at least do the same. No body wan carry last! The expression can be relative though, and many people would not publicly concur to the fact that we are all in a competition (one way or the other) until you see the excitement in their faces when they win a prize or become the first to achieve a rare feat.
In her opinion, healthy competition is a forward move, it make us better. So whether you want to gather money through savings or gather 6pack at the gym, you want a small gather or a BIG gather, whatever you are gathering, as long as it’s for a good purpose and it’s healthy for everyone, then more power to your elbow. As for the “gathered” Melody, she’s bringing the party to you! Now let the “Gathering” begin!!

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