Real Name : Francis Kennedy
Showbiz name: Bonesbeats
Slogan : If its heavy you know bonze did it
Date Of Birth : 4th September
Hometown : Accra/Lagos
Record Label : OracleAfricaEntertainment
Head booking manager : ArtistesHub

OracleAfricaEnt is set to launch its 1st project  "2stupid producers"  the legendary multiple hits record producer Bonzebeats a.k.a If it's Heavy u know "Bonze" did it and ojayvybz a.k.a "Iti ti" a young,hilarious and very talented producer,They introduce their first single titled #baby kolombo, a re-fix of a very popular African high-life song filled with lots of mature Instrumentation,lyrics,rhythm that would fill the hearts of fans all over the world.Two very talented producers/Singers whose creativity are second to none.BonzeBeats n Ojayvybzs are truly what you would describe as "mature exciting entertainers"quick at creating masterpieces.The main aim of the these very album is to showcase this two producing Genius to the world and that they still got it cooking and kicking in the studio and are ready to take back the driving wheel in the music production business. 

Bonesbeats has become a huge household name known by both young and old. He has moved from just a church choir master to a musical Entrepreneur.His main aim in music is to transform African talented artistes into money making gurus,He now runs a school that trains in the art of writing songs,performing art,music production and the art of marketing music tagged "the True Art of music".



Early Years

BonzeBeats started his music career under a group name called "The Specialist" he had a musical partner called "Redsky" a sensational rapper,brother and a fellow hustler.BonzeBeats sang and produced all the beats in their album.He discovered most of his talent,rhythm and groove from spending ample time in his family's church as the "music director", he loved music so much that he and his colleagues would constantly make beats on tables in other to get creative out of nothing.He saved up and bought a computer to aid him practice,He also had to hustle through studios,being their apprentice which entailed lots of stress and sacrifice to learn from notable producers such as marvelous Benji e.t.c,not like the way music is easier now and more approachable. His passion for music grew stronger and his beats starting spreading across the shores of Nigeria.

Music Career

In 2004 he enrolled at Unilag where he studied Music and in 2009 he was sort after by a showbiz company in Ghana "Starkeep Entertainment and Ghanian music legend "Tinny" to come and reside in Ghana so as to impact his musical ingenuity to other artistes.
These Super talented-producer and the co C.E.O of oracleAfricaEnt BonesBeats has stamped his indelible imprint on the music and entertainment scene since the early-2000. His production has helped create career-defining hits for artists such as Trigmatic,Iwan, Kdf - Williams,Thai,NaturalFaCe, Kazuka,Shata wale (former Bandana), VVIP , Faze (Nigeria), Tinny, Samini, Jupita, Episode ,Nyce (NIgeria), Dagrin (Nigeria),4x4 ,Lynx ent, O.j Black,Asem among many others. Respected beyond the genres of urban and hip life music, BonesBeats, whose musical influences cross cultural lines, has also been sought by diverse superstars whose music similarly knows no boundaries, from Afro-pop star Timaya (Nigeria) to Samini-The dancehall sensation.He Released a hip hop cypher ( on April 7,2013 featuring a lot of stars and upcoming acts alike.His career got into mainstream in Ghana after he produced The 2011 Undisputed Rapper of The Year(Trigmatic)-My life and basically his first album,co - Produced Iwan - Thanks and Praises,Who's Bad,Tell em again ft Black prophet,NaturalFace - Bodyset and many other award winning songs.His unique charisma,concurrent style of production and being able to adapt to different genres of  beats leaves him with no competition.

In 2011 he took a long break to continue and perfect his art of music as a business career in the "Leeds College of music" (UK) and acquired a diploma in musical art.He is back so poised,ready and determined as his team have set up a record label/N.G.O "OracleAfricaEnt" which aims at networking the African music and most importantly taking deprived youths from the streets harness,produce,brand and promote them to the world.


Cultivate a respectful attitude
always treat your producers like royalty
Only go into music if you are a true hustler
meditate more to enhance your creativity
always stay in touch with a professional recording studio
always make sure that your branding is perfect at all times
always be in the company of like minded friends and business thinkers
Affiliate more and always dress to impress
Music to me is the best business ever


“You can accomplish anything
by immagining it is possible
stay persistent and disciplined
and you sure would have it”
explains the driven and
innovative Bonesbeats, a
true creator of sound who
never stops working
until he has become better,greater
than his musical icon "Timberland"

twitter : @Bonzebeats

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