Life Outreach mandates is to liberate youths via the word of God and sharpen them to be impactful believer, productive and creative Christians. All these would be achieved by letting them know their position as a believer to be innovative and be a standard to the world and beyond. “The infertility of the mind can be worse than the infertility of the land” and also “self –discovery at early stage in life is living on reality on time”.
believer. This is brought together under the umbrella of

Life Outreach is running on the life line according to Act 1:8 is witnessing Christ to the youths and the people of this environment and beyond.

Date:August 28, 2016.
TIME: 2pm
 VENUE: RCCG Living Testimony Parish, Camp Davis road Ishefun, Ayobo, Lagos.

Numbers to call for sponsorship/partnership/ enquiry 08184606063/09038565131/



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