For Men: Why do women cheat? The reason will shock you!

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Are you a man? Ever wondered what will push a Married Woman to the point of cheating on you with no remorse? Are you scared of losing your sweet wifey to the hands of “Sugar Boys”?

My Name is Segun Davies, a male sexual expert and in the next few mins article I will tell you what women cheat and what you as a man need to do to prevent your woman from cheating on you…because I guess you don’t want to share you woman for anything!

So I will urge you to read this revealing post to the very end or risk losing your wife, girl friend or fiancΓ©e to preying strong men.
So back to the Mind Bogging Question of Life...

 Why Do Women Cheat?
My brother, there are so many NORMAL reasons why women cheat, this  includes
  • Maltreating Her:  If You turn you woman into a punching bag, just forget it, she will JUMP on a caring man as soon as he appears! So if your problem is a spiritual problem then you need to see a Pastor, Alfa or Imam or forget your woman!
  • Not Spending Money: This is a statement of fact, if you are not spending money on her, buying her thing her fellow women will envy!   Yeah, If you really Love Her Shower her with good things money can buy!)
  • Not Giving Her Attention: This is very risky. Why? Most men are more Jealous than even women! I man can go crazy if he catches he woman with another man…some even cry like babies! It’s that serious.   So my  country men, if you don’t want to cry, give your woman reasonable attention. Take her on announced dates that re ignites the passion and love.
But my brother, if you are guilty of what I listed, my Oga at the Top, your woman might leave you.
Funny thing is that a woman can actually endure a marriage or relationship with a man who commit the above sins.
BUT  if you COMMIT the ones I’m about to list, my brother, she will so cheat on you you’ll think she was possessed or something!

What are these 2 DENGAROUS factors that will make a woman cheat on you without thinking?
The BAD thing is that  over 30 Million Naija Men over look this small thing & trust me, there so called married wives are so bent on cheating on them because their husbands are not MAN ENOUGH!

So what are these Factors?

(1) If You Have a Small BLOKOS that is JUST 3 inch You Wife Will Cheat on You!

Yeah, you heard that, if you have a small manhood that can’t fill her honey pot..or that keep swimming inside her well, brother, you are in trouble!  Don’t let her deceive you, because as soon as she SIGHT a strong man with 7inch Blokos, she will gladly jump on him, even if He is an Agbero
So if you have a small Blokos You better look for something to do about it or risk losing your wifey.
The worst part is if you lose the one you have it’s going to be had for you to get another one!

(2) If you are a 2 Mins Man Like Indomie She will Ditch You for Another Man!
Imagine this scenario…

You & you wife in bed…all smoochy and lovey dovely, she then kiss you and your small blokos was now a bit active…then you started pounding away…then even though you have a Tiny blokos, she’s feeling you small small…and now she’s almost getting to orgasm level…then in 3 mins BAM! You have spill you Peak Milk all over her!

You think she will be happy with you? NEVER!

She will go around and tell her friend how BAD a man her hubby was, and in return her bad friends will introduce a Sugar Boy for her.
So if you are a 2 mins man, you are at risk to lose you wifey no matter how sweet and loving you are.

So let me ask you this question… Are You A Man?

Yeah…I know you will be so quick to say-YES! I’m a man! truthful in your life for once..

My brother, how can you CONFIDENTLY call yourself a man when the LITTLE MAN under your boxers is as small as Buhari's village?

How can you call yourself a man when you shoot your Peak Milk in 2 mins or less? How can You?

Trust me, there is nothing as embarrassing as a man walking into his bedroom to do his manly duty…and when it's time to have fun, he brings out TINY 3 inch  small banana to dig he wifey honey pot & shoots in 2 Mins!

So Sad…
Unfortunately,...90%  of women will never talk about such thing, but rather cover it up with silly excuses, of course you they're already down with their husband's closest Pal, car driver, gate man, so even  go as far as  having it with their house boys!

To make matter worse...many men with small "things" that can't even dig her honey pot for just 2o mins! What many men don’t know is that it leaves their Partner in a State of Emotional Frustration &Perpetual Sadness!

Are You Happy Making Your Woman Sad?

If NO then you really have to do something about it.

I was also a victim of the double Palava called Small Manhood & Premature Ejaculation.
I was a young handsome, business Man, who had a tiny Pencil in between his legs & does not last 2 mins. So I feel in love with Enny after over 7 yrs of sexless life.The good thing was a virgin. So we feel in Love and eventually Got Married. IN short we painted the city RED during our wedding ceremony.
But....Unlucky for Aunty Enny who didn't had never felt Her Spouse "Rod of life" before marriage and as beautiful as aunty is...
But my 2-in-1 problem made her Life a living hell  for her for Good 5 Year
She had never been satisfied by Me for 5 yrs.
It was a terrible Experience… She Yabs Me and Disrespects me, disrespect me & Made me Feel Useless because She Was Not Drilled Like Every Woman…
She Didn't Enjoy My Blokos for once because it was as tiny as Pencil! And I shoot in 2 mins-IT WAS THAT BAD!

This was Driving her crazy and I needed to do something or Else I will lose her!
I searched everywhere..,use all sort of things…just  to get the solution to my EMBARRASING  caricature Small Blokos& 2 Mins ManlinessPalava...but to no avail.
And he had to do something Unless I will lose this wife like I lost the LAST one to my Aboki gate man..(oh...another story!)

Hopefully 5 Month I Discovered a very POTENT Blokos Increasing Device & A NAFDAC approved 2 Mins Manliness Cure.
It works Like Gangbusters!But guess what? Guess Where I Discovered the Solution?
Nope! Not at a Church, Not even at Mosque, Neither one Imam , nor Bishop, nor Babalowo performed any spiritual Miracle .

Nor is It a funny annoying foul smelling Agbo, and all sorts of rubbish!

All thanks to my Friend Tobi, that Bad Guy, she showed me a No Side effect Device that can give youa 7 inch Blokos in 14 days or Less & a 100 % NAFDAC approved Pemature Ejaculation Killer that kills 2 Mins Manliness like Boko Haram!
Luckily Me!
I discovered a this game changer that turned me from a totally useless man with anInvincibleBlokosto a STRONG man with a strong Rod that can last for over 40 mins in action.
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Now my friends can NOT leave their wives with me…cos they know they will be tempted to taste my Rod of Life!
I was so shocked that a Simple but Powerful Device could wake my ALREADY Dead Blokos& restore my dignity!
The Best Part is that, my woman now begs me to stop now LOL
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With this, you Can:
• Drill Her & Make Her Go Wild!
• Be as Over Confident as Fayose!
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• Regain Your Respect & Watch Her “Worship” you, all because you have the Key to her happiness-Your newly acquired 7 inch blokos!

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Anyways, not that you know why women cheat, what to do to prevent yours from cheat and how to get the game changer…..
• I know how bad and shameful it can be to have premature climaxes during sex.
• I also know how good it feels when a woman tells you that you are so BIG & HARD.
• I know how good it feels to last as long as you want and to let go only when you want to.
• I know how good it feels to hear your woman tell you that “you’re the MAN!”

Now go ahead…LOCK down your slot and get your 2-i-1 Solution and be the MAN you have always wished to be all your life..and watch you woman worshipping you.

I want to throw a question to the ladies in the house…

LADIES: Will you marry a NICE man that is TERRIBLE on bed?
Answer in the comment section!

Let the men read the answers! LOL

I Remain Uncle Segun,
Naija No. 1 Mens Sexual Coach
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