This is the weight loss boost your body has been begging for!!

So you’re going to finally listen to what people have been saying and start exercising. But to what end? How many calories can your precious exercise burn in a day? Do you even know how many calories you need to burn in a day to lose weight?

Do you know that weight loss is only 20% exercise and the remaining 80% boils down to what you digest? You should be taking things that will mobilize and burn the stubborn fat stored in your fat cells!

This boost will do just that!

Slimteauses natural weight loss recipe created by the Chinese. Their weight loss secret involves brewing weight loss herbs like lotus leaf, cassia seeds, hemp kernel, mulberry leaf and green tea for drink after every meal! These ingredients form an age-long weight-loss recipe that was formulated before chemical and physically restraining methods of losing weight were created!

They have powerful effects, such as reducing your hunger, speeding your metabolism and mobilizing the fat that is stored in your fat cells, for energy!

Slimtea™ is a 100% natural, safe and strong combination of these ingredients, guaranteed to boost your weight loss efforts! See what people are saying about Slimtea on Instagram: @slimteanigeria and Facebook; Slim Tea Nigeria!

Slimtea is affordable and available for purchase! Nationwide payment on delivery options available too! Visit our website or contact the following to make enquiries and place your orders;
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