I Can Cheat On My Wife –Odunlade Adekola Boast

Odunlade Adekola
Recently, one of the leading men of Yoruba Movie Industry, Odunlade Adekola was tasked on how far he can go to interpret his role and if he has never been harassed by the partners of his female cast members that they share on screen romance given the onscreen intimacy he shares with this ladies.

The lanky thespian said it was a hilarious question , but all the same replied that being intimate and making it look real with his onscreen lover is what he is being paid to do, hence he has to go all the way to ensure that viewers do not question his professionalism.
He went further to say that his wife understands his profession so well, although she might not like it if he goes nude onset, kissing and every other thing in between can be understood as she knows his career and that is also what puts food on the table for all.
Odunlade Adekola appeared in the Nollywood Movie Industry several years ago and took the heart of the movie watchers even beyond Nigeria. Born in 1977, Odunlade Adekola started acting at the early age, he and his friend played jesters at every anniversary at Christ Apostolic Church.
His career has started after he had written a script for two characters comedy play, the script had been written for him and his friend. His career as a professional actor began in 2005, however, popularity came to him only two years later in 2007.

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