If 9 ice Was To Be A Foreign Musician , “ Gongo Aso ” Would Earn Him 5 Million Naira Monthly For Life

That was how I stumble upon an online entertainment radio show last night.
I got interested in the show when the presenter said categorically that Nigerian artistes are the poorest set of entertainers in the world.
He said some upcoming artistes in the U.S are even richer than some of our A-list artistes
Sincerely, I found it difficult to agree with this point of view abi how can somebody say Nigerian artistes are the poorest?
The presenter argued that, apart from the money earned from live shows and brand endorsements, Nigerian artistes are not earning what they deserve in terms of digital merchandise and digital sales compared to their international counterparts.
Meanwhile, he concluded by saying:-
If 9ice was to be a foreign artiste, he would be earning at least 5million naira monthly from Gongo Aso alone for the rest of his life
Now, to all ye music gurus on Naijaloaded, would you agree to the notion that, Nigerian artistes are the poorest set of entertainers in the world?
As much as we’ll all agree that Gongo-Aso was a big hit back then, do you think the song can really place 9ice on as much as 5 million naira lifetime monthly earnings if he was to be a US Act?

Let’s have your thoughts on this!!

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