Please Marry Me -BBN Bisola Begs Don Jazzy

BBN Bisola
As the light deemed on Big Brother Nigeria television reality show, a certain young boy named Efe walked away with millions as well as an SUV, but for every discerning eye in showbiz.
It was very glaring that Efe won the money but Bisola won the show given the fact she has an imposing personality as well as undeniable acting talent that the platform Big Brother had given her will ensure she keep the memories of Big Brother Nigerian alive as she will be visible in her movies for a long time to come.
Since come out of the Big Brother House, Bisola has been hitting different movie location in Nigeria as if productions are going out of fashion.
It was on one of these locations that miss Bisola Ayeola, decided to invent a love game for her followers on social media.
On set for the movie ”Glipse”, the former Big brother Naija housemate comically asked her followers, that if they were to choose a celebrity they will get married to what will their hashtag be.©
The bubbly actress and mother of one then went ahead to create a hashtag for herself and Don Jazzy declaring that she will like to Marry the Mavin head honcho.
She posted; #BISSJAZZ2018, short for Bisola and don Jazzy.
She also expressed her likeness for a certain Idris but she did not specify the idris in question as she posted her second choice, #IdrisBizz2018.

Uncle Don Jazzy.... You too go and marry.... 

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