Singer, MayokunRedicle His Boss, Davido

HKN star, Mayokun, has made a statement that will surely make his fans label him a liar and a stingy fellow.
Obviously propelled by Tekno’s actions that saw him give out hundreds of thousands of naira to lucky fans; a fan of HKN act , Mayokun reached out to him knowing he belongs to arguably the richest music clan in Nigeria to inquire why he does not give out cash to his fans like other new generation music sensation.
Mayokun gave his fan-George Atah, the shock of his life.
Mayokun’s replied to his fans request as to why he does not give out cash was surprising “sometimes I compete with Usain Bolt with the way I run out of money”.
Now, when our editorial team took a second look at the reply, we came to the conclusion that either Mayokun is stingy or he just chose to redicle his boss-Davido, who has proven that he makes money by the day.
It’s pertinent to remember that Mayokun benefited from Davido’s benevolence on social media why he does not want to help is a big question

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