The Prada & Gucci Man To be Called #Oshinpikin Henceforth

The CEO Of Afritunes Media , Oluwatosin Oshin who was musically refered to as ( Mr.Oshin ) has changed his name to ( Oshinpikin ) , the crooner of ( Prada and Gucci ) says he prefered to be called ( Oshinpikin ) that gives more reference to his surname also as a form of re-branding to suit his style of music.

He added that his new tracks will bear his new name and his fans should expect nothing less than Good music from the new (Oshinpikin) ..

Henceforth, his social media platforms are listed below

Twitter : @Oshinpikin

Instagram: @Oshinpikin

Facebook Fanpage: Oshinpikin

Download Here: PRADA & GUCCI


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