After much consultations and deliberations,this year categories for Nigeria Achievers Awards 2018 has been reviewed to cover more areas with the key purpose of inspiring and celebrating more creativity and influencers. Below are the enlisted categories opened for nomination come May 2nd on our official website at .... Get your list all ready for nomination, its all about celebrating great achievements.

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1)NAA Actor Of The Year

2) NAA Next Rated Actor Of The Year

3) NAA  Actress Of The Year

4) NAA Next Rated Actress Of The Year

5) NAA TV Personality of the year

6) NAA Entertainment Entrepreneur of the year

7) NAA Film Academy of the year

8) NAA Fashion Designer Of The Year [Male]

9) NAA Model of the year

10)NAA  Fashion Designer Of The Year [Female]

11) NAA Innovative product of the year

12) NAA Comic Actor of the year

13) NAA Next Rated Artist of the year

14) NAA Beauty Queen Of The Year

15) NAA Pageant King of The Year

16) NAA  Brand Influencer Of The Year

17) NAA  Fashion Entrepreneur Of The Year [Male]

18) NAA Fashion Entrepreneur Of The Year [Female]

19) NAA Entrepreneur of the year (Male)

20) NAA  Entrepreneur of the year (Female)

21) NAA Micro Finance Company of the year

22) NAA Humanitarian Queen of the year

23) Next Rated Entrepreneur of the year

24) NAA Music Promoter of the year

25) NAA Artist of the year (Male)

26) NAA Artist of the year (Female)

27) NAA Online Store Of the year

28) NAA  Entertainment Personality of the year

29) NAA Radio Personality of the year

30) NAA Commercial Model of the year

31) NAA Fashion Academy of the year

32) NAA Next Rated Director (Music)

33) NAA Next Rated Director (Movie)

34) NAA Next Rated Producer

35) NAA Clothing Line store  of the year

36) NAA Next Rated DJ of the year
37) NAA Car Brand of the year

38) NAA Innovative Service of the year

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