The Hightunes Music Company Debut

With the increasing rise in the number of talents in Nigeria presently comes the birth of a new record label’ The Hightunes Music Company’  that is ready to not just change the face of artiste management alone but contribute the success recorded in the industry at large.

For his passion for good music and the uniqueness in some artiste met over time, the CEO of the label Precious Ekwueme disclosed that there is the need to sign up budding artists to his label and help them achieve their dreams of becoming a superstar, thus this birth new label ‘ The Hightunes Music Company’.  In his world he said’ the new label will pay homage to the best of times in music history while keeping its focus wired tightly to the future’.

The Hightunes Recording Company is equally the brainchild of music industry veterans who share a refreshing and respectful love of music. The result is a progressive, twenty-second century music entertainment company in view, that utilizes cutting-edge Internet strategies, while establishing uncompromising principles

With two budding artists already on board, the label is currently putting in place a grand entry event for the unveiling of the new acts that are set to change the face of music via their talent and beautiful sounds.

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