Welcome to #9jaxclusiveCHAT with Xclusive Boss, without wasting your time Mr. Stereoman let’s begin with the questions as fans are eager to hear your response on @deltaupdate360
QUESTION 1: What’s your real name?
RESPONSE: My real names are, Osakuni Sunday Stereoman Eviano
QUESTION 2: When you were still trying to get a name for yourself, who did you work with and who did you get the most of your inspiration from?
RESPONSE: Firstly,I left Delta to Onitsha and migrated to lagos were I worked with my first
producer , Ogosi aka Godfather. I got my inspiration from a whole lot of artiste, but I will mention just few, Edna Ogholi, Orits Wiliki, Tarakota, King Wale, Raskimono, and my producer Ogosi.
QUESTION 3: What genre of music are you into?
RESPONSE: I would say, I am into African root and traditional music. My song is mostly in tribal dialets ranging from urhobo, Isoko and Igbo, using a local drum to spice up the rhythm.
QUESTION 4: Was any of your song written to symbolize your childhood?
RESPONSE: Yes ooo. “ Because when you never come them go say you be fake”, my growing up as a young boy was not easy, I said that in most of my recordings. When I was fully ready and convinced that music is my life, I had to leave home because there was no good studio around, to pursue my dream i relocated to lagos state. I stayed at Okokomaiko, Aboju, Ajegunle, Chita and more all for the sake of achieving my dream. Thank God it was successful as you can see.
QUESTION 5: Were you scold or advised to quit music when you started?
RESPONSE: A lot of person did discourage and scold me, my uncles, my mum, my brothers, Infact everyone in the area where I reside discouraged me. But when music started paying off, so many apologized and some of them even started music career (lol).
QUESTION 6: At what age and location did your music dream began?
RESPONSE: I noticed my musical talent year 1985, I did my first recording year 1988. I left warri to Onitsha for that recording and since then, it has been grace upon grace. Also my brother Austin Bullet is a musician based in edo state.
QUESTION 7: How many album have you released so far?
RESPONSE : 2 albums, ‘Sample Ekwe” year 2005
“Based on tradition-Come back again” which was later withdrawn from the market due to some personal reason.
QUESTION 8: What inspired you to make the song, “wicked and wise?”
RESPONSE: It was all about past experiences, the present and the future. It’s like my every New Year resolution… Matthew 10;16 says “Be wise as serpent but innocent as dove”
QUESTION 9: How do you feel about the way people interprets your song?
RESPONSE: I feel encouraged to do more, I feel boosted.
QUESTION 10: What job would you be doing now, If you don’t have your music career?
RESPONSE: Fashion Designer, that’s my profession before my music career started. I encourage people to get something doing, you need money to achieve/push your career and dream. For example, Jesus would not have been fully known, if he didn’t go out to preach to people, so earn to promote your content to people too.
QUESTION 11: If you were to give someone advice on how to start song writing, what would the advice be?
RESPONSE: First, Understand the meaning, secondly Study the rhythm, lastly meditate and feel the melody. Because, you are not singing for yourself
QUESTION 12: Are you a lover of football, If yes, which club do you support?
RESPONSE: Manchester United.
QUESTION 13: We know you breed and support young talents, who amongst the Delta Based artiste do you give kudos to?
RESPONSE: Everyone. I have been seeing their efforts on social media.
QUESTION 14: If you were to name top 3 nigeria producers you would love to work with, who would they be?
RESPONSE: My kind of music is not about following trend, I don’t believe in top producers, I believe in good music. Currently I am working with “Kes Louis” an anambra state based music producer.
QUESTION 15: What’s your favorite track from your “Sample Ekwe” album?
RESPONSE: Actually the track i loved and expected to be hit, was not the one the fans choosed (lol) Womakugbe and Africa reggae truth
QUESTION 16: With the level and grade of current Nigeria music, List 5 artiste you would love to work with.
RESPONSE: 2baba, Phyno, Timaya, Faze, Adekunle Gold.
QUESTION 17: Have you ever considered switching to another genre of music?
QUESTION 18: How long does it normally take you to write a song?
RESPONSE: No calculated time, I work till the song is okay.
QUESTION 19: How do you feel when you hear your song in the street?
RESPONSE: I feel happy and encouraged to keep working hard to do more good music.
QUESTION 20: There are many aspiring acts in Delta State, Fast rising and upcoming, definitely you must have heard of a few, Mention few names.
RESPONSE: Don’t worry, all of them are trying..No need to mention names lol
QUESTION 21: It’s been rumored that you are off the music scene, what’s your response to that?
RESPONSE: I’m Still active like “Chivita Juice” (lol)
QUESTION 22: When are we expecting your next single?
RESPONSE: Very Soon.
QUESTION 23: What message do you have for your fans?
RESPONSE: Believe in God, stay away from hard drugs or fraudulent activity, and don’t stop supporting me Peace out!!!
Conclusion: Thanks for spending time with us on #9jaxclusiveCHAT with Xclusive Boss, We hope when called upon next time for an interview, you will accept our invitation.
Response: Definitely, I will my brother
Response: Definitely, I will my brother.
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