MUSIC: Destiny Marshall – Dangote Cover (Rap Refix)

His Love for afro tunes even as a Rapper, also versatile with his singing abilities, Destiny Marshall storm the booth to deliver a mind blowing motivational afro vibe with his amazing delivery and bars on Burna’s hot Dangote hit . listen and lay down your opinions. Meanwhile you’ll should watch out for this lad.
YO#MarshallLife have you heard about (yo) Kilo pa mono×2Ebi lo payou’ve got to0×2
Once upon a time on the streetG’s getting slips.buh mom told me that love would set me free.being broke ain’t funny, No be joke, No be skitNo be coke, no be beanstroubled kid No biscuit//Winter is here(ha) shey you dey hearwe climbed the highest mountainto show them we are herelike the lanisters, Make the game pay em debt. Sacrifices “TOD” No regrets some of them we can’t tell. Sold my soul for the doe, so i could rollmenh with the pros not a joke. Bro i sold my soul to be dopenow that you’ve knownevery lines that me flow is gold. Long time underground buh now we are here/no body price us then/nobody cared No babes dey find usTo them we are deadbut like underground resources we Scandium We rare//Every verses that i spit became a stepping stone to the fame I seek. like Blood contacts with viruses my flows are sick . You never seemy bars dey travel with no visa from 9ja to over seas. Still “YET”, menh this boy wants morethey asked what sport i love g-spot is fun my words were born to rule the world I’m not a sound god [brother] but i sound god. 10 billion dollars ,dangote needs moreyou got 100 grands, spend all shopping mall/When you spend for the chicksthey will call you there kingthat moment you are rich but your future is rigged. [man] Rule number one – always think successRule number 2 sleeping is for the dead Rule number 3 check how your spendRule number 4/5 is rule number 2Rule number 6 you’ve got to be youRule number 7/8 invest in your self (bro) rule number 9 get rich or die a legendRule number 10 never break this rules.
HOOK Dangote/Dangote/DangoteStill dey find money oohme i dey sing dey rap to blow Respect my hustle gon gone[kilo gpa mono ×2ebi lo gpa] ×3
# marshallLife

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