MUSIC:Dreamz-Big Fish

Dreamz is one of the fast rising act from Jos, and one among the outstanding rappers we have..... He closed the 2018 chapter with a party hall track "Church" which was very massive.
He just dished out his first track of the year 2019... He titled this "Big Fish"
This is a very hardcore track you need on your playlist right now.
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-Dreamz, yeah
VERSE 1 (Dreamz) 
I don't own a brothel why y'all trynna lure me
Like mortages, I had a crew now they ignore me
I been' spreadin' bars like I own a sanctuary
You niggas acting filthy rich, your bank accounts hungry 
I go cisky and they be starin' like it's Halloween
This aint for money alone am also tryna' breath
And I don't aim the body just the head please
They don't smile at me, makes me feel like everybody hates just the way the hated Chris
Don't mind to burn the whole world and start anew
What's the problem with this dude? 
He ain't part of my anti-crew
My bars are reel flames, they don't need fuel
Am open-minded like your bitchy's Virginia I don't need a bullet proof
Somebody should'a told me being human needs practice too
And maybe if we tell the people the brain is an app, they would start to use too
Am'a pave the way for momma until she complains she's cool
Am dropping slippery bars, so when u match a play I promise you gon' fall for it
And after school you dance on em like it's maple leaf
Why you sleepin' on my song? 
Am'a slap your head until you feel like you just passed a blunt
Drop a bullet in that scummee brain, that could help think straight huhh?
I gave her just three on a row like ski ski
Then I bounced 
I don't  eat two same meals same day so I don't get to hit your pussy twice
For dinner, I just ordered for a different one
She ain't with it, she can pick her stuff and leave at once
Am makin' this jiggas behave like I own a rehab
Now am flourishing like I just took success for breakfast
I don't get it for lunch, what kinda diet? 
I get it, i get it, it ain't free anymore people tryna' buy it
This my theorem, I keep my mouth shut and let em people think that am stupid than to open em and prove em right
I ain't scared of em
I just sit and decorate my fears and call em pretty little fears
Like hand bags am handing you, really thought you was a gang at first
Am the type to slap your face and ask you "how the fuck' do you do?"
I just handle you like nurse
To be honest I don't swear am only saying what the fact is
I don't promise bro' I just do it
Why you pulling strings, nigga you was never there
You was undercover, seems to me you was scared
I swear to God my verses ready tight they don't laces
Am not the coolest type give'me space for' I use lasers
Swish you ain't hot!  What? 
This people ain't right 
Am so hot like I was raised in hell and you know I ain't lying
Like virus they ain't feeling me I just evolve but am still within
They only smile when you're there, I swear to God that feeling ain't never real
Somebody go tell Cole I slept and woke in dreamville (haha)
Saying money is the root of evil!  (Nah) 
Poverty is the root of evil
When you keep up saying that, then we don't gotta buy bibles
This a race, we done got you, we ain't equal
Can even make you kill, where my Tequila
They be showing on my door like am Madeline Rizman
Stranger things going round my mind and I just wanna drug it
Am nothing compared to your thoughts man suffice to say it
You wanna take me, you don't got no plans, No maps No rout plans just blueprints of the victim
Plus I ain't staying
Am always targeting something useful like To-do-list
Coming up against a dreamer is the worst that you make it
I do not reject my fears man I face em 
Now am so tough like I spent the 90s creating the kick epidemic
It's Slumlords and dreamers out this Ghetto
Got rid of my boredom, now I feel like I just won a medal
They keeping mopsticks on they' head say they trapping, spitting bars I aint feeling
I just give em names like Rubbish Trap-bish
They be keeping tats like scars on they' face
That ain't stylish, tenet it's a nightmare now am scared

Am broke and I live with ma' in a small house 
Plastered, but trash mmmmm we didn't paint the house
We lay our heads on the bench, we don't got no couch 
They got a big house, complete couch plus six cars
Don't get me wrong, I ain't buzzed up either 
I just get my three square meals plus desert
Momma is my woman, someday am gonna feed her
These hommies don't know my first name
When i get buzzed they be calling by my last name
I ain't changed, am grown, I can't remember my last age
You call em tattoos, am always against you bro I call you scarface 
Guess the ringtone calling "that's fame"
Hung up I ain't ready for it's mindset 
This whole stuff is new to me like somebody jinxed me
Atimes I get confused like a pretty butt under G-strings
In my head is the sound of the police, on the run like "Cisky"
Them killas' are still in political suits "damn risky"
Now this music's tryna' separate me from the people that I love
And momma been telling me stuffs about it and I never Trust-ed 
Don't you ever test me, I don't wanna be the person that I was... Anymore
Nigga don't u make me bring out your commonly flaws
For the pain I absorb 

Outro (Dreamz) 
I don't know how many ways you tryna' kill me
But I know I got too many ways to survive 
They say "never grow up it's a trap" nah am young, I just skipped it
They don't fuck with success anymore they just suck breast 
Don't you know I ain't bothered bout y'all, I got too many peers
It's so much snakes out this Ghetto so sleep my fears
Don't try to tap me when am fuckin' destiny
Beep beep, my ex called me but I'm with Stephanie
Don't bother (boarder) man I hate traveling 
So when the shoe's long I go after it (wo) 
Making less thoughts bout this pain I absorbed
I done seen a lotta friends turned hounds 
What's new to me? They hate you give to me? 
Am feeding u back with the pain me
'Em people now exposed like em assholes
Ain't covered just like the math flow.... 

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