Paul Okoye Comes Under Spiritual Attack From Online Beggar [SEE SCREENSHOT]

Singer Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy has come under “spiritual attack” from an online beggar who asked for financial help from him.


The online beggar who goes by the name Moriah lashed out the singer when he failed to attend to his needs. According to the individual, Paul Okoye is a dirty bastard for ignoring to help. Kindly read the rest rib cracking post from the fellow below.



In reaction, Paul Okoye wrote:

Some humans though….. see ehh!! your own hell fire will be V.V.I.P popping sniper and ota pia pai second chance Kee you there

This time last year, BBNauja star Alex complained about the antics of an online beggar.

She wrote:

”So this particular girl has been disturbing about not having money to pay for her whatever in school, almost in all my picture’s comment sections till i sent her a DM, asked her to send me her account number and i sent her double the little money she asked for.

Now she left my page and i see her telling the same story on my friend’s posts and pages of other celebrities. I’ve been tempted to react many times but with God, i stayed calm. What made me type this is , i went bk to our dm only to find out she had deleted the message with the account number she sent to me just to clean her slate. You know yourself. If i catch you again, Kitipa ga agba gbu gi.”

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