VIDEO: Igwe 2Pac (Charles Okafor) Jams With Chi-Don's Chineke Enweghi size”.

Popular Ghanaian-based Nigerian artist Chi Don Oyr Eze is currently trending in Nigeria with his song “Chineke Enweghi size”. The song which was released and promoted in Ghana a couple of months ago has caught massive fire in Nigerian. According to “Last week na em one song wen him and Xbaba Lewis do together come out. Igwe 2pac come do video where happiness come make am dey cry for joy.

The talented singer, who double up as a business man , Since 2018 has been superb, he has dropped great tunes featuring Xbaba Lewis, Abigail and others you can download and listen it here Watch Video: Chi-Don is considered one of the major proponents of the gospel genre artists. He is still chasing his career to become noted to the whole wide world. . Follow him on Twitter: @GodsPopMusic, Instagram @GodsPopMusic Facebook @GodsPopMusic

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