Nollywood Creative Minds Forum NCMF Supports The Fight Against Corona Virus ( COVID -19)

It's the 5th anniversary of the Nollywood Creative Minds Forum NCMF in 2020. And we had planned to make more short films. Feature films by some of our chapters and the parent chapter in Lagos. We had big plans for content creation and for collaborations.

Founder/President - Ijeoma Richards

Founder/Vice President : Bukola Thomas

Founder/Cordinator : Mazi Emeka Okoye

Then COVID-19 happened.

This is us at NCMF lending our voice to that of humanity the world over and asking everyone to stay safe and stay protected so that we will be here at the end of COVID-19, living,loving, thriving. 

And learning to live in and with a world that will be different from anything we've ever known.

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