Controversy: The World Doesnt Want You To Know The Real Truth About The Pandemic Read What Pastor Chris Has To Say

Views of youths about the true fact of 5G taught by Pastor Chris on the effect and disadvantages in Nigeria

Pastor Chris is an outstanding and extraordinary author and teacher, full of the wisdom of God. A man of God sent to us for such a time as this. Listening to him is like eating your favourite meal. You just can't have enough of his teachings.

With diverse topics including Prayer, Healing, Mind Management, Creative Thinking among others, what else would you need to live the life of a superbeing?

There is just one way to becoming a spiritual giant. Pastor Chris teaches you how and makes it all crystal clear in his master pieces and message.

Pastor Chris has blessed us with the most amazing gift, the Rhapsody of Realities, the very voice of God speaking to us. Our daily manna! Fresh everyday, perfect for the day!

Numerous testimonies have been recorded, many lives have been transformed as a result of studying the devotional, ministries have been birthed through it. And YES the dead have risen after listening to the words from this power packed devotional.

I challenge you now, to get the devotional and study it diligently for 7 days. It's not enough to celebrate the work of God in the lives of others. Experience His mighty hand in your life as you study the devotional.

We are entirely grateful to Pastor Chris for this precious gift.

Doctors have such a thing as incurable illnesses! The word says otherwise and this has been proven at the Healing School of Pastor Chris.

Many lives have been restored, families have been reunited and hope has been given to those that medical practitioners had given up on. Every studior of the Healing School leaves testifying, "I'M ALIVE

What a way to demonstrate the power of God. 

Visit the healing school website to read testimonies from some of the studiors.

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