Meet Nigeria Fast Raising Artist LASKY BOY , Real name, Date of Birth, Record Label, Networth Etc


Lasky boy’whose bith name is Ozuma Kosrachi Emmanule ‘ is a Nigerian and indigene of ebony state ‘the first born from the family of six.he attended his primary school at ST Paul ebonyi state and secondary school at ok posh’s ngbo government college ebonyi state,

LASKY BOY, grew up in the nothern part of Nigeria,ebonyi till he was 16 and left for Enugu to be help brother .

LASKY BOY;is a singer songwriters the amazing artist recorded his first single in 2018, after then LASKY BOY made a couple of project that further stamped his artistry.

In 2019 LASKY BOY released a song titled case which gave him an award as the best artist of the year followed by a collaboration between him and Kandy Benz in 2020 in a work title ogenne which turns out to be the best of the year to some people.
LASKY BOY,was the best artist in his school and all the teachers both students fully supported him and he drop that best song ogenne produce by x1 in ebonyi state abakalike ,lucky DON IFECO sign him to BSM record when he was in Ss2.

According to him it a hasn’t been easy being in the dark,silently watching working and observing the was work the time.
LASKY BOY has promised to give us his best songs this year starting with a song (BAD MAN)

LASKY BOY is planning to release a song titled (BAD MAN)

The song was produced by well recognized producer in joy and Nigeria know as (MARKSHEDY) :
Which he said in his own word this song is the bomb

His social media handles across all platforms is

LASKY BOY you can connect with this superstar in the making he is hospitable and humble.

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