Hon. Shogogreen Urges Agege Residents To Get Their PVC

 Hon. Shogogreen Urges Agege Residents to get their PVC

The pertinent need for Nigerians to take the culture of participating in elections and electioneering processes has been on the front burner of the current discussions in Nigeria,as Nigerians brace up towards the 2023 general elections. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recently scheduled a time frame window which called for citizens of eligible age to step forward and register for their Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

 Hon.Olorunshogo Ejikunle (SHOGOGREEN) who has been an advocate for an absolute participation of the people of Agege 02,

Agege as a whole and the general public in electing credible representation into governance. He has launched various initiatives and campaign over time to sensitise the community on voting culture by the people, has urged all residents of Agege to Act fast by getting their PVC. 

Our vote is our right,our vote is our power,our vote give us our choice...Get your PVC.


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