Jubril Yusuf Olayinka was born on the 21st of February early 90s and has always reached for the stars. He attributes his inspiration to the encouragement of his immediate close family consisting of his parents, two elder brothers, sister and his late younger brother Sodiq (RIP) I called him my manager S-KID u are always missed and i love u.
From when he was about three years old attended Albert memorial international school in Oshagbo to Heyik secondary School in Kaduna State Nigeria. it was obvious he was destined for fame, at the time, mostly because of his excellent performance when it comes to soccer and unique rap and dancing talent.
He graduated from Federal polytechnic offa, Kwara state. He studies business and management studies in marketing department as national diploma.

Blessed with height and very attractive looks, Jaycee enjoys spending time with his friends and family when he is not in a studio or pitch.

His rap is as heavy as raw metal, when his on a beat he energizes the sound system like a breath of fresh air and mix pure Yoruba and English.

He has more than 4 single which he did one collaborate with a popular award winning artist in Osun Styleebrodaz called go down low.
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