Here Is All You Need To Know About The Most Popular Nollywood Award: Face Of Nollywood Awards

The organisers of the most trending Nollywood Award, Face of Nollywood Awardsrecently made a press release detailing all you need to know about arguably the most popular Nollywood Award at the moment. Aninsider obtained the full release, read the details below



“Who is the most popular face in Nollywood today? Who possesses the greatest grassroots support and has the strongest appeal to Nollywood’s 2 billion movie lovers all across Africa and globally? Take a guess. I taught I knew. But now I’m not so sure anymore – especially with new talents popping out from the shadows into stardom every day via a myriad of stunning new flicks. Well, it appears we may not have to hazard much of a guess for too long because the prolific guys behind TOTAL TELEVISION STUDIOS LTD and ORANGESEED INTERNATIONAL LTD have made it all easy to discover through their trend-setting movie awards programme termed Face of Nollywood (FON) Awards With Their Partners Achievas Ent and TE Group


FON Awards, which is now in its second season, was designed with the aim of discovering the most popular Nollywood personality today. The good thing about FON Awards is that the choice is not made by a group of awards jury, but by the viewers themselves who have the opportunity to decide who they believe is the most popular movie personality in Nigeria today. The idea behind choosing a face, rather than several faces in several categories as is the case with other awards is what sets Face of Nollywood Awards miles ahead of its closest competitor.



As the CEO of Total Television Studios Ltd, Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi, unarguably one of Nollywood’s most creative personalities posits, “Nollywood is today the 3rd biggest movie industry in the world and it needs one recognizable face that can drive the brand, Nollywood. That face should be the Face of Nollywood and this award is designed to discover and recognize that personality.” He said.


He explains further, “The idea is to discover someone who has a recognizably huge fan base, uncommon acting talent and a star personality that millions of Nigerians home and abroad as well as Africans can clearly identify with, display open admiration for and look up to for inspiration and hope. Such a personality does exist and it may shock us all who he or she turns out to be.” He adds.


Thus, Face of Nollywood Awards could be likened to a search for one face to rule. But unlike in the popular epic, ‘Lord of the Ring’, the Viewers, rather than a ‘Saron’, decides who the one face that rules Nollywood will eventually be.


Face of Nollywood Awards Contest is open to Nigerian movie personalities considered to be popular. The choice of voters is what will ultimately decide which personality is considered popular enough by majority of the population as their choice for the current year, 2018.


Candidates for the awards are selected randomly by a panel of award jurists. Viewers may also suggest possible candidates through the programmes website and social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. A total of 162 Candidates are selected and presented to the public for voting.


Viewers will have a choice of voting for their preferred candidate via the programmes website The first round of voting commences from March 29, 2018 the day of the unveiling to April 15, 2018; during which the least voted for candidates are eliminated, trimming down the number of candidates to twenty five (25).

After this stage, a short message code is designed and each candidate will have a unique SMC, this will be accomplished in partnership with VAS2NET, a telecom network provider; and viewers will have opportunity to vote for their favourite candidate using the short code message. At this stage, no candidate will be eliminated. The 25 surviving Candidates will remain in the race for the top spot until the final day of the awards when they all will converge at the Prestigious Congress Hall of Nicon Hilton Hotel Abuja, venue of the awards, together with nominees for other industry professional awards, Nigeria’s top movie stars, celebrities and VIPs in an atmosphere of glitz, glamour and fun, to discover who eventually wears the highly coveted crown as the ‘Face That Rules Nollywood’.


Face of Nollywood is among very few out of many Nollywood movie awards in Nigeria that is accompanied by cash gifts. The overall winner will go home with N1million naira, a plague and certificate of award, while the first and second Runner-ups will both walk away with N300,000 and N200,000 each. The winning prizes are reviewed upward every year.


Face of Nollywood (FON) Awards 2018 proper is scheduled to take place at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja on the 30th of June 2018 and will bring together under one roof, the crΓ¨me-de-la-crΓ¨me of the society including Nollywood stars and other top entertainment celebrities, socialites, Fashionistas, top government officials, traditional rulers, top business executives among others. It is going to be a night of glamour, glitz and paparazzi. Definitely an event worth waiting for.





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