Bobrisky Slams Lady Asking Him To Stop Talking With Her Husband (18+)

N igerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky took to Snapchat earlier to slam a lady that called him out for trying to steal her man.
Read his lengthy post below:
hello guys .. good evening to you. I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading on snapchat because I have been busy lately and have been going through some personal issues that I don’t want to share with you guys.
So sorry but something is baffling me like: a lady on my snapchat, let me call her lady or should I call her woman or should I call her a girl because a reasonable woman will never think the way she’s thinking.
She messaged me to leave her husband alone like, are u kidding , are you bleeping kidding. you message me to leave your man alone. argh. bobrisky to leave your man alone,,, bobriksy. I swear to gawd like.. mtchewwww.
I really think this “leaving man alone”..”stop talking to my husband” is an old gist.. an old age attitude.
People don’t use them anymore,, but some idiot, some hoes still want to die because of their husband’s dick.
When the guy bleeped you for a few minute he’s going to cum and he’s going to get off you.
Is that why you want to kill yourself over his dick.. dick that many bitches are bleeping and you are consigned, worried and bordered about bobrisky?..
Anyways, I love your man because he’s so cute, he has money like he’s bleeping rich and I cannot be with a dead nigga so my dear watch me Bleep your man.
this is getting too much. I get this chat all the time. I get this messages from people all the time.
bobrisky leave my man alone .. leave my boyfriendy alone. leave this alone. leave that alone. are u mad?.
so the pussy you have and the breast you have, you are not okay with it with your man. hmmm don’t worry na.. my slaying game is going to start on Thursday that is next tomorrow.
I’m making my hair and nails tomorrow. on Thursday I’m going to look so pretty n beautiful. deal with your ancestor why you are so ugly.
some girls fail to understand that even if you monitor a man from now till next year, if he still want to cheat he will still cheat, don’t forget that fact, even if you put meter in his body to read his dick were the dick is entering,, different hole,, is it the anus, the mouth,, even though you put the meter there,, if the guy wants to cheat he will still cheat , why bordering yourself.. just enjoy your life.
Enjoy your marriage and just be free, some girls are so shameless. They will be monitoring the guy up and down.
Where are you, were is he.. aren’t you shameless.. on top one dick you want to kill yourself try that with me I will suck the guys dick like crazy!
its just a pity that some housewife or some side girlfriend chase their man around, check their phone, monitor them. why are you stressing yourself, because of a dick ,,(speaking Yoruba) want to kill yourself. dick that have entered many stuff that you don’t even know without your knowledge.
That you want to kill yourself for. My dear you need to move on with your life.
Be yourself. Enjoy your relationship and advice the guy to use a condom, that s just the best thing, advice your guy to use a condom that’s just it.. don’t kill yourself okay.
this is my advice for girls on my snapchat.. girls on osheybaddest snapchat!
Those of you who are scared that I bobrisky might snatch your man. you need to fuck your man well.
You need to suck the hell out of his dick you suck him well.. some girls don’t know how to suck.there was one video of black china that I saw one time.
She was sucking dick like a lazy woman and a lazy Nigerian. You grab the dick with your 5 fingers, you stroke it, you suck it well if you cannot do your job well, bobrisky will help you do it.
Ok, guys. This is my last advice. For some girls on my snapchat
I know some of you don’t like my snapchat because I speak the truth, .nothing but the truth but I don’t give a fuck about you,
guys, the moment your man is in your house the man is in your possession at that moment.
Honestly the guy is your everything is your love is your baby is your everything.
But the moment he’s out of your premises, The guy doesn’t belong to you anymore, the guy belongs to the public.
So get that fact into your gawd damn fucking brain and stop fighting for a guy in public. It’s a shameful act.

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