Children Fun Fair With MOG (Click To See Photos)

DJ MOG stated that he organises a Children Funfair show which he does not attach any gate fees to because of his desire to make children happy.

“The inspiration for the show came when I noticed that some companies organise children shows but deny those that do not pay gate fees entry.
“From my experience I know that most kids cannot afford decent meals so denying them entry to a show is inhuman.
“It’s on this basis that I started the Children Funfair which I do without collecting gate fee. I have done five editions of the show so far. It comes up on Children’s day(May 27th) and Independence day(October 1).
“I don’t do grandiose birthday party for my children. Rather, I take them on outings and to church for thanksgiving.
“I do this to have enough to celebrate Edo children. My children are aware of this and they are supportive of the idea.”
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