Music: Musicbysire – In Thy Presence

Music has always been a powerful force, a truly eloquent from which to talk to the world and no-one does it better than MusicBySire.

Using Hip-Hop as the driving musical force and the gospel message as the starting point for the lyrical content, this rising American artist has found the perfect blend of personal faith and musical fashion to produce something that is both deep and meaningful yet also cool and accessible.
He has used his music to explore and talk about many things from his own beliefs to the world around him and most recently with the song B.L.A.C.K. to highlight awareness for the issue of modern day slavery.
His latest release is In Thy Presence, a stunning song that gets to the core of his faith, his relationship with his creator and the gospel message. And like all his music it comes from a much different place than a lot of devotional music you may already me familiar with. Forget the usual traditions and trappings of gospel songs and the musical seriousness that goes hand in hand with such music, more than anything, MusicBySire makes things fun and In Thy Presence is as infectious and energetic as any clubland anthem currently in the commercial consciousness.
But unlike the usual throwaway pop and fly by night dance music, In Thy Presence matches wonderfully accessible beats and addictive grooves with a deep, meaningful and clear message. Never has spreading or receiving the word been this much fun!
Download Musicbysire In Thy Presence Mp3 below;


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