Funny! Naked Woman Calmly Walks Into A Store To Buy Beer (Photos)

A naked woman got out of a car and casually strolled into a petrol station to grab a beer.The bizarre scenes were captured by CCTV and posted to a social media community page based in the south-western city of Krasnodar, Russia.
In a video posted online, the woman, wearing only a pair of high heels, is helped out of a white 4WD parked outside by a male companion.
The pair have a chat by the car before the nude woman walks into the shop, followed by the man, who appears to be recording her on his mobile phone.
The blonde woman approaches the counter in her birthday suit holding the bottle of beer.
The cashier does not seem phased. He serves his nude
customer calmly, who then walks out of the shop followed by her male companion.
It is unclear why the woman was naked, although some online users reckoned she had lost a bet

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