Rasta Reuben Kwabena to Release Home Coming Album -  RASTA REUBEN KWABENA aka The Voice of the Reggae Planet Ambassador Worldwide is getting ready to release a brand new album titled REGGAE PLANET Vol. 3 Home in Africa...The Album is being produced by Bright Sounds Productions in association with World Link Promotions City Nigeria Africa. Rasta Reuben Kwabena and Ezekiel Gosan are working together since 2016.
They also teamed up with African reggae music producer The Great Dave Azi and released a song called The Almighty GOOD. On the Run But Can't Hide Riddim. 

This song got rave reviews in Nigeria and in Africa and across the world. Then in November 2017 World Link Promotions and Bright Sounds Productions sponsored a music tour for Rasta Reuben Kwabena to come to his African homeland and perform for the people at the annual CROSSFIRE Reggae Festival in Jos City Nigeria...RASTA REUBEN also performed in Kaduna City and in Lafiya City Nigeria and also at the Ma dengn Beach Festival in Freetown the capital city of Sierra Leone. 

During this first west African. Rasta Reuben Kwabena became highly inspired and highly motivated to record songs on the African soil where he recorded several new tracks at The Bright Sound Recording studio with Producer Dave Azi. 

These new songs will be featured on the brand new upcoming album by Rasta Reuben Kwabena....《The new album will be called HOME IN AFRICA with songs such as Mother of Life. Home in Africa. Beautiful Nigeria and a song called Jamaica & Africa plus a next song called Let's Work Together and many more new songs for a completely new full-length album.....All the music is composed and arranged by Dave Azi and Rasta Reuben Kwabena. and all the Live show performances were also accomplished by Rasta Reuben singing live with Dave Azi and The Bright Sound Band. 

Therefore this is a Great Winning Team. This international musical combination of Mr Ezekiel Gosan of World Link Promotions and Rasta Reuben Kwabena and Dave Azi is phenomenal and has brought together two great roots rock reggae artists Rasta Reuben and Dave Azi from two great countries Jamaica and Nigeria. 

This project all came together because of the great worldwide music promotion vision of Mr Ezekiel Gosan CEO of World Link Promotions...he has personally taken on Rasta Reuben under his management and promotion expertize....and did this new album HOME IN AFRICA will showcase the greatness of this combination of Jamaica and Africa working together in music and in Arts & Culture. 

The album will feature traditional roots rock reggae styles as well as AfroBeat Reggae Dancehall Style and soul grooves reggae gospel style. The Reggae Planet Ambassador RASTA REUBEN KWABENA is born in Kingston Jamaica and he immigrated to Canada with his parents but he never forgot his Jamaican and African roots and the cultural vibes of Rastafari Roots and Culture became the basis and the foundation of his musical creativity...

In Canada, he toured across the entire country with his brothers in The SELASSIE iPOWER roots rock reggae band. He has released three full-length music albums. 

His debut album was called King of Kings. Then he followed up with Reggae Planet vol 1, Revelation 21 and with Reggae Planet Vol. 2 Revolution 22. 

He has also collaborated on several album projects with Jesse DubMatix King.

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