FCE Osiele student shot by policeman who just felt like shooting someone

A Federal College of Education, FCE Osiele student has been reportedly shot by a policeman who just felt like shooting someone.

The student identified as Dimeji is a member of Parliament at the school students’ Senate and was in the same cab with the policeman before he got shot from the back.

It was reported that Policeman upon interrogation, confessed that he only felt like releasing a bullet at the moment the student was shot.

He is currently at the Federal Medical Center, FMC Abeokuta battling with his life.

One of his freinds on campus took to social media to break the news:

So saddening and heartbreaking πŸ’” πŸ’” πŸ’”. He is a senator in Student Parliamentary Council Federal College of Education Abeokuta chapter. He was shot by a policeman yesterday wherein they were in the same taxi.

The policeman said he felt like releasing a bullet πŸš… πŸš… πŸš… and shot Dimeji who was sitting at the front sit. He was operated at Federal Medical Center, FMC Abeokuta, yesterday. All we need to do is to pray for him not to die. We don’t wanna loose another senator again in our chamber, Allah we don’t wanna loose another student in our school. May Almighty Allah grant him Shifah.

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