Stop Fighting Yourselves Over Politicians - Nigeria HipHop Artists Banny Fasta Fosto Warns

Political differences should not mar your personal relationships with others .
In support of Jimi Agbaje during the 2015 elections , I produced 2 jingles as my contribution . I wanted him to win . So , through the assistance of a friend of mine who is a PDP stalwart (I ’m sure he will read this piece), we were directed to handover the CDs to the Lagos State PDP Vice - Chairman . The PDP Vice -Chairman asked us to meet him at a club house around Palmgrove . It was a Sunday evening.
When we arrived , we passed through security checks . The club house was guarded by mobile policemen . On entering , the PDP Vice - Chairman was seated with company . Right opposite him was a friend with company also . All of them were having drinks. They were the only people in the club house- apart from the stewards - and my friend and I . The club house was shut to others and we could only come in because our names had been dropped with the mobile policemen who were on guard . Music blared from speakers in the club house.
We were invited to have drinks . We respectfully declined . No be wetin we come do be that . I handed over the two CDs . The first CD was played . It was a dance - along, sing - along, gyrate kind of jingle . The friend of the PDP Vice -Chairman jumped up and started dancing. Then , the second CD was played . His friend nodded his head in affirmation. The melody was great . It was suitable for use as a ringtone .
Suddenly , the PDP Vice - Chairman ’ s friend turned to him and said, ‘ Use the first song for your public mobilization on your buses and open- air campaigns . Use the second song on radio . ’ With that said, he waltzed and shuffled as he disappeared with his company . I remember I thanked him profusely for his suggestion .
Grinning , the Vice - Chairman affirmed the recommendation of his friend. ” He’ s my good friend” , he told my friend and I . To show us the depth of their friendship , he enthused further - ” He’ s the Publicity Secretary for APC in Lagos State ” . I opened my mouth but shut it as quickly as I opened it. My friend and I didn’ t utter a word till we left that night .
As we jumped into my car and sped off, we shook our head at the realization of what just happened . APC chieftain recommending to PDP which jingle to be used ? We felt like fools . That was the day I made up my mind not to fight with anyone over political issues . I lost my zeal to pen political articles since that day . I realized that he that will be stupid will be stupid - my articles or arguments can ’ t change that . Rational thinking exits when politics enters for many. I decided not to enter into any political debate on social media again . There was so much vitriol and bile in 2015 . Relationships of many years were destroyed on the altar of partisan politics . I remember I had to block some people (and they still remain blocked). I recall the name calling and tagging . Someone I considered a very dear friend maligned me and it hurt deeply . But then , was that worth it?
Tomorrow , Godwill Akpabio will be back in PDP and the heavens will not fall . Adams Oshiomole will soon denounce APC. Have you forgotten Audu Ogbeh was Chairman of PDP ? Orji Uzor Kalu will be back shortly . Rotimi Amaechi will find his way back and he will clink glasses with Nyesom Wike . MC Oluomo can work for PDP tomorrow . Busari Adelakun worked for UPN and later decamped to NPN. APC will soon become what PDP was yesterday . It ’ s a game of musical chairs to them . It ’ s not about any ideology . Their ideology is their stomach . They will invent another ring tone - it won ’ t be PDP ’ s 16 years again but now APC ’ s 4 years of locust. There will be mass exodus again. Former wailers will become hailers and vice versa.
This is why it doesn ’ t make sense to throw brickbats over people who don ’ t even care about your existence . Support your own candidate but don ’ t make others your enemy because they don ’ t believe in your choice . Don ’t throw away relationships you have built for years because of political partisanship . Don ’ t hate on yourselves when you’ re supposed to be joining hands against the oppresive ruling class . Look at the Presidential Debate - those who should be coming together to fight the ruling class are debating themselves while the ruling class may well be somewhere pepper- souping and suyalizing .
Borrow yourself brain . Banny Cares Share if you Care .

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