AFRITUNES GIST:Victor AD Speaks On Expenses Of Recording A Song In Nigeria

Victor AD is absolutely disgusted by the high bills required to record a song in Nigeria… he says it’s barbaric and completely disappointing.

Attrctive Mustangs, a celebrity journalist in Ghana got Victor AD out during his tour in Ghana and asked the singers for some questions… Victor stated that there is no hidden secret to how he made it in life.

Recounting how his song ‘Weitin we gain’ became popular, the Delta born singer who revealed that he comes from a poor family added that he had no money to even promote the song after a friend in Nigeria recorded it for him.

He further revealed that the song got popular after he released it on social media, where people started playing it and sharing it on other social media platforms. Victor AD who disclosed that it not cheap recording a song in Nigeria, said his friend who recorded the song made it easier for him.

The singer who maintained that 100% of what is in the music was his true life story, also revealed that he grew up in a ghetto with a poor family. “I grew up in Delta state after I left delta state I was in Lagos to make it and I couldn’t make it like as I expected so I had to shift till I had the opportunity to record this song which has pushed me to the level that I am in now “.

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