Our Democracy.. Our Freedom - Tosin Oshin

Truly JUNE 12 is a day to celebrate people's democracy. A day that signify the true voice of the people. It's a day to be remembered in which democracy was given to the people.

JUNE 12 , 1993 was a victory for all Nigerians not just only for Chief MKO Abiola but for all irrespective of geopolitical zones therefore I commend President M.Buhari for properly acknowledging JUNE 12 as a National Democracy Day in Nigeria.
Democracy is for the people & by the people also serve as strength to people's voice. This is a legacy that can never be over emphasized enough.

We are still struggling democratically because of the set backs in the system. There are laws needed to be passed that can give people of this country the rights which they deserve.
Democracy means freedom but yet we are still under the bondage because we couldn't do the right thing at the right time.

The people's needs should be the first priority of any democratic rule & meeting such needs is the goals.

The question is , Are they ruling this country democratically?
Democracy suppose to be the strength of the people but so sad, now used against the people.

Are the people enjoying the dividend of  DEMOCRACY?

Are the people govern accordingly to DEMOCRACY?

Is it possible for me to speak out my plight without been arrested or harassed?

Is it possible for me as a young Nigerian to walk freely without been arrested or harassed by SARS OR EFCC because of the increment in cyber crime?

We need to understand the rudiment of democracy and start practicing it accordingly.
Our judiciary system is totally faulty and not independent. The Rule Of Law is not been followed.

This is the time for us as one Nigeria to go back to our drawing board and fix every loopholes because we cant continue to be a laughing stock among our peers and other countries who are looking up-to us.

It is time for us to maximize our resources both natural & human resources towards the development of this country.

Let the Government create enabling environment for our young graduates ( Civil Engineers, Architect, Lab Scientist, Computer Scientist etc) to practice what they learn.
Government should establish National Orientation Institute for all aspiring Public Office Holders to pass through and learn about how how to govern, leadership strategic roles. Also, be properly oriented about their aspirations.

Our forefathers sacrificed their lives to maintain this democracy. Therefore, It is mandatory for every citizens of this country to enjoy the dividends of democracy.
Therefore, we can proudly say OUR DEMOCRACY IS OUR FREEDOM.




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