AFRITUNES GIST:Ugandan Pastor Teaches Congregation How To Do Doggy S€x Style (WATCH VIDEO)

Imagine walking into church and you see pastor using your wife as example to teach others doggy s€x style 

An unknown Ugandan pastor is currently trending on social media after a video wherein he was teaching his church members how best to go doggy on their partner surfaced.

The pastor,using a female member to demonstrate the doggy style, the man is seen in the video instructing the member how to hold the woman and how the man should move his waist for an unforgettable orgasm.

The demonstration was so appealing to the members so much that they applauded the alleged man of God.

Also, Some social media users argued that it could not have happened in the church, while some argued that it possible with the world going to an end.

Watch Video Below:-

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