Jock Milly – London Bridge (Song +Lyrics)

Kaduna state based singer/songwriter Jock Milly , who is undeniably one of the best acts currently in the state, has just released what is arguably one of the best song coming out of Kaduna in years.
“ London Bridge ” is one song that stands out in every respect. It is satirical, it is revolutionary, and it speaks the minds of everyone going through one type of oppression or the other in the country.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
Jock Milly x3
(Verse 1)
If you don write jam, call me
Like five ten times, call me
And you still buy one, call me
Wey dem go write next month, call me
If you never charge phone, call me
I get one small gen, call me
Though receipt no dey, call me
We go still find way, call me
If wuna road bad, call me
I go organize boys, call me
Dem go pour red sand, call me
And ego last two weeks, call me
If you read medicine, call me
But today you na dancer, call me
Or you read Pharmacy, call me
But today you be banker, call me
( Chorus )
You see the truth e hard to talk
For the youths life e tough
Government like to talk
One senator five Porsche x2
London bridge is falling x3
Somebody call the whites again
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Jock Milly x3

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