Beauty Nunyiegia (Betisnun) - The Reason

Beauty Nunyiegia A.K.A Betisnun is a Nigerian talented Gospel singer who lend her voice in worship and praising the most high. She just premiere a masterpiece aptly dubbed THE REASON .
The reason is a song ascertaining why we should praise God all times, any where and in any situation.
The Reason serves as the 3rd single of 2019 by Beauty Nunyiegia and she has vowed to keep using her talent to keep praising and worshipping God.
Below is the lyrics of this gospel song:
Title: The Reason
I will praise you yabo Allah eee (Praise God)
I will Praise you holy spirit of God
I will praise you Oluwa Shegun (God of Victory)
I will praise you holy spirit of God (2ce)
Verse 1;
I have seen the reason, all to praise you my God
I have seen the reason just worship you God
When I was sick oh Lord, you healeth me
The voice that I use to sing, you gave it to me
That's the reason, some of the reasons why I will praise
Repeat Chorus:
Verse 2:
The air that I breath yes,I didn't pay for it
The life that I live oh yes, I didn't pay a dime
I'm standing on the rock that never fails
That's the reason, some of the reasons why I'll praise
We are standing on the rock that never ever fails
That's the the reason, some of the reason why we'll praise
Repeat Chorus:
Verse 3:
Oh Bari oh (oh God) Ogoni People says
Oh Bari oh, Bari du le ( God you are good)
O du le (you are good)4x
Bari bu nyor oh (God of heaven)
Sere me Lee le (keep me well)
Onye ne yendu (life giver)
Onye ne yenwa (giver of children)
Obu ngogo (Burden Carrier)
I'll praise your name...
Repeat Chorus
Thank you Jesus
uuuu I have the reason

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