Your favorite act in the Jos music industry and beyond, OG Truth is showing no relentlessness as he keeps dropping smashing hits on repeat. Being a rapper and singer gives room for this artist to be able to blend in with different styles and patterns, thereby always leaving his fans in suspicion or without clue of what to expect. OG Truth has made some massive collaborations with some incredible Jos artists, Talking about the likes of Jaycee ace, Phoenix and the rest. This time he hits it up with more fire with this jam titled SUPERNOVA. This soothing and magnificent song was captured by one of the best artist on earth known as Real tricks. 

Some quotable lines are
" I swear to God, the way u move, I no dey see clear you don dirty my eye"
"make I confess, make me confess, anytime I see you I dey confuse, she one dey colonize every brother man, and all the biggie man want to make a move"..........


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