MUSIC:Dreamz-Alone In The Dark

DREAMZ just dropped his first single for the year, he titled this one "ALONE IN THE DARK".... it's an emotional song which you'd surely vibe to
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They say happiness is free, I think I borrowed mine
I used to think that
you was the only one I'm qon' down with
Moving forth I thought you'd be the one I can bind with
started reminiscing, having pro's, I ain't buzzed up
Only thing you had in mind, look what it caused us
living different lives like we ain't never known us
remember those days I'ma pull back at your front door
Steady glancing but I was barely known as yo poncho
it's long I been living in darkness
in a place full of sad days
someone get me the casket
I'm tired of living, same time I don't wanna be the same person that I am and

I was in a world full of roses
moment's I can never bring back caused you pissed it
I don't want you, but I need you to fix me
It's sickening I think bout you..but u dead to me
You the reason I wish I had the obsidian
Got a lotta fams but I need more..i need a quardian
remember those days we be looking in the future
thinking what it'd be to get our faces in the wedding pictures
but you ruin it....All you ever did was jinxed us
You never had a true motive, you pushed me, it hurts me, still thinking that I need you
Trynna kill that feeling bout you but it can't do
Used to be supportive, you inspired "True Love"
I wrote the song knowing you was behind it
Now all I do is huff
You blew it, I can see em ashes in the air....Now I'm...

living in the dark
I'm alone in the dark
I don't need you in my life
don't call me when
you think i was right

Living a life without you that's messy
knew it'd end but I never thought it'd be like this
You inspired me...I write raps
Knew I was gonna write for you
Hurts me I never thought it'd be this way
Saying Good-byes when am waving on the hallway 
All the moments we shared now turned to the pain eh
Dreams come true but you ruin it with my window pane
Glasses Now I think that I'm going insane catch me
Picked my piece when you left me hey it caused it me
A lot that I can't fix... knowing that I got friends
they can't help but share in my darkness
When I'm trynna push through it's you that I harness
I see in you places we been like you just there
Waiting to be saved by the truth that you left there
Where you right now that I'm

living in the dark
I'm alone in the dark
I don't need you in my life
don't call me when
you think I was right

Did u give up on me (naah)
You gave up on us
All you thoughts blind ain't got no remorse
We coulda pushed through
I hate you right now but I loved you
Gotta pull the truth knowing it'd hurt you
shoulda seen this coming I ain't no martian
Reach your thoughts change em all before you spit em
Why do I gotta sing for you no 
you ain't deserve none of this no
Run it back Oh yeah I'm singing for me yeah
Tryna console myself, get my piece to condone me
Incomplete right now need someone to support me
It can't be you, I can't even thinking about It
My heart is drunk wish I knew how to predict your motive
Passing each night hopping that you could notice
Where you at, I'm wardened can't you feel me hey
I been calling turn back but you tapped the end (button) so I'm

living in the dark
I'm alone in the dark
I don't need you in my life
don't call me when
you think i was right

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