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I was young
Lost mom to Cancer,
Momma really suffered
Cause daddy was a bastard
Always hanging with em young ladies
While momma was in coma with no hospital bills
After some months, I was over it
Went to school, I was just in pursuit of my dreams
Final year, It was the time of college
I'm the kid who always come with average grades...
With a girlfriend, she was just a special A kid
She  had no parents
She lost mom and dad when she was 10, to an accident
We was in love, losing her was never an aim...
We had dreams, thought nothing could get em shattered
Maybe after leaving school, plan our wedding and all that matters
Get a couple'a kids, name em Simmon and Martha
They'd get their mother's love, that I never had
We already planned everything that could be
And I couldn't wait for it to come true,
All these pictures in my head that I see

Till this happened...
I invited Hailey to the the house to meet my pops...
He was a single dad, the man was a drunk
He never supported anything I want
We was in the living room, playing video games with Hailey and catching fun
It was the moment I never thought it'd be gone
Till my pops came back to the house and all these began....
Welcome dad, this is Hailey, she's an orphan
She's the one I've been talking bout everyday and,
I thought, it'd be better if she came to the house to get your blessings...
Welcome dad, Vincent's told me loads bout yo
But daddy was drunk....
Staring at Hailey like she was a regular cunt
I need you to take this lady outta my home
Dad, this ain't never happening No
I love Hailey a lot
I really need your support
Then you gotta take her with you
Need u both outta my house
Dad what's all this about
My happiness is never allowed
Please, understand
Daddy pull out a gun straight to my face
Now you leaving or I forget a bullet in your brain
Hailey let's leave this place

We was back in the hostel
We didn't have any money with us
Hailey was down, She didn't pay for the semester
There was only a thang she could do
She have got to drop out, there was nothing I could do
Since daddy threw me outta my home
Hailey left school I was really hurt
Now I've got to do this for her
For us, I needed to make my girlfriend proud
Since she can't raise the cash
But it was surprising, Hailey was in school
after a week
Looking all buzzed up and shii...
Babe what's qoinq on, why you looking like this
My uncle won a contract, so he gave me a tip
Why u acting like you ain't happy to see me
Oh ahrg na babe, it's just hard to believe
C'mon let's qet to class, it's nothing to worry
A'ight hunnie, I'm still confused
Hailey never mentioned an uncle
She only said she's an orphan
Let's skip then and go on
Hailey started acting strange
She's never at her place
I began to doubt her ways
Hailey no longer pick her calls
Wonder what could be wrong
This doesn't even describe my girl anymore
I'm always at her place, she wasn't there
I had a wrong motive
Something ain't right at the moment
I miss my girl to be honest
After weeks of not seeing Hailey
There was a knock on my door she was unto me
Told me she was on her project, that's why she couldn't see me
I believed her, Hailey ain't the type to lie to me

We was together again like nothing really happened
Smile on my face I was no longer burdened
Finna left school, Hailey said "babe, I need to leave town"
My uncle need to see me and it has to be now
This whole stuff is crazy ain't it
Cause all of a sudden, an unknown uncle exist??
She left for weeks again
I was alone and clingy to our dreams
What's Hailey not telling me

This time around, two months with no phone calls
It seemed to her like some cheesy balls
I'm always alone in the hall
Thinking bout Momma, Hailey and all

I left school to pick some of my stuff
I left behind in my father's house
Saw a lady wearing a Mickey mouse
She turned to look at me, you won't believe what I saw
It was Hailey In my father's house....
Baby I can explain,
I'm tired of hearing this same shi babe
I left her in there
I need nothing to be explained
cause everything seemed clear
My dad was the Uncle who won the contract she said
I left for school
I didn't know what else to do
My pops is sleeping with my girl
And that night in my room
She came to tell me all that happened and sorry too
Baby I was outta cash, and I really needed to go to school
Your daddy offered to help, it was a perfecting thing to do
I felt sorry, she wasn't privileged as me
All this ain't her fault, it was my pops who took advantage of she...
But that ain't the problem baby, I'm pregnant and I'm tested positive to HIV

ts'why I left
Not letting u to meet me

And your daddy threatened to kill me he always beats me up
My girlfriend done turned to my step mom
So my girlfriend's kid is gonna be my step brother oh no
Daddy ruined errthanq I got
He took my girl and it's really unforgettable
Now my girlfriend has a deadly disease
Taking her back could be another risk
i said to her, i understand Hailey,
I'm gonna take care of this kid
I've always been with u, you shoulda told me all of these
Couple months passed
It was the time of the birth
Hailey was going Tru a lot
Took her to the hospital
As I was waiting in the hall
After an hour,
The doctor came out
I was waiting for the news
how's my girlfriend doing doc
She couldn't make it to you bout my son
uhh sorry we lost him too

I was really hurt...I lost my family
All that I've got....
And my pops got some explaining to do
He caused all of these
I was really confused....
He's got to die, he needs to join em too
Shi is really awful
I came to the house
Pops was out...
I waited for the nigga to get home and see me unannounced
Angry smile in face as I heard the knock on the door
Yeah it'd be a better time for us to talk
Welcome dad, how's my girlfriend doing
how's work
He had this weird expression on his face
He started stuttering, uuhh what you talking bout son
Look him straight in the eye
There wasn't a smile...he turned as he went for the stairs
No you not going anywhere
Reached to him and stabbed him in the back
Crawling on his knees he needed to grab me by the hand....
Now I've got to live everyday of my life full of regrets
Hailey died because of the night that we met
I lost mom too, her blood in his hands

I was sitting in the couch, waiting for my pops to die
Started thinking bout Hailey, how we could've had a memorable life
With tears in my eyes....
I stood up to spit on my pops and tell him Fuck u for knowing why you died
You wasn't expecting me to keep the man alive
Was you??

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