MUSIC:Dreamz-My Wife's Boyfriend

This is something you've never heard before.... Dreamz just dished out a new storyline rap's surely a tune you'd vibe to.
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She was special, I never forgot to tell her this
But she started hanqinq with some friends having lil issues
I suspected she was seeinq another dude
She kept sayinq you the only man I love you
I don't got no time anymore, you know I work, it's true
I trusted her, all she says I nod and act like we really cool
What if she was in another bed maybe with a richer dude
I didn't know wah else to think, my head filled with stuff and really confused
I wasn't getting more attention like I should
I knew she was hiding stuff, I hate invasion of privacy
And I got to do something this night, got to know what she's hiding from me
I went Tru her purse, closet, our bed and underneath 
I needed to know wah she was hiding I started destroying things
Thoughts running Tru my mind, You don't understand what it feels
We been married for years and we don't got no kids, how
I knew there was something fishy about this lady the moment I saw her with a lady I met at the brothel
I didn't wanna believe this shii... after all it might be a coincidence
She's an actress
Staying with her was like another Nollywood movie
and I'm Fredrick
She had the time to pick her director's call even 3AM
And it seemed like I was the side dude eating leftovers man she was over him
Thought we took vows, to stand for each other
You do forget we even married
She had her career before her husband
And I really needed the truth to be defined
Momma was stressing, she was over my neck I need grand kids son
Momma I know, we been trying, you know God gives huhh??
It's been five years boy, see I had you when I was a year married son
What other God do u serve that I don't know bout
I said... mom relax we gonna fix this

And that night I was sitting in the couch watching TV
Waiting for my wife to get home from her daily series....
What else should I call it
She was usinq her director's timetable to see me....

I couldn't wait no more
Like they say, the key doesn't know who's in the back door hahaha 
think I might be that key

Woke up wife was out 
She didn't sleep in the house
I was worried and same time I thought, maybe she's in another man's couch
No....I can't imagine, that's something I shouldn't even think bout 
But I had trust issues
Was like something in me was taken off
I needed to know what it is
Tried her cell, wasn't going Tru
Tried for hours, like I'm the one playing the stupid fool
Later came back, she was really sweaty
hey babe, I had to stay off we had a night shoot
And I'm the typpa person who doesn't talk even when it bothers me
But she felt ok smiling like it was nain to talk bout mmmm
I said babe, we got to talk, maybe we need a doctor....
We been together for years but no kids of our own
what's going on, the look in her face was suspicious
I was mad, I needed to hit this lady that'd be outrageous
I didn't wanna know what she was thinking, 
Next thing she said "You know hunnie, maybe maybe it's not yet time, when it is, God would reveal it??
I smile, naah I'm done with God's time
This the doctor's time...force her to the car nearly snapped her finger
I was clueless, I needed to know if my wife was getting fingered 
by another dude in the hanger

Was at the doctor's best friend own the hospital
Hey doc Benny, been long we visited how's work going 
I'm owk Mr Vincent, it's surprising to see you at this hour, I was bout to get going...
I need a favor, me and my wife wanna ask that you run our tests further...
This can never be spiritual, I need answers..
Right Vincent lemme get to it
Got our blood samples, did wah he had to do
Came with nothing, this was a waste of time
You got sumn to tell me babe
don't u fuckin' lie
She was quiet, I figured she was hiding stuff
naaah something ain't right
I'm sick of this marriage
We was not having romantic times any more
it's been a year I saw my wife's cleavage
this can't continue, I need to consult my wicked rage...said to myself
Went on like this for some time
And it got to this point, I need to know what's going on....
Brought my best friend doctor Benny to help me check in the house
Search errthanq, I don't care, even all of her blowse
We started checking did that for couple'a hours
Wasn't worth it I got nothing
I'm still confused, I'm tired of asking what's going on
Told my best friend to leave me I need to think straight
I can't remember my wife's real Face
I got to think of something, Maybe I need some space.....
After some days....I went to see Benny, my best friend
Offered to gimme a beer, naah brother I'm ok...
Benny asked....what you gon' do bout your wife's ish
I don't know bro, but I could really smell sum'n fishy
Got an advice??
Benny said "yeah I think you should see the lawyer"
You going Tru a lot it's high time you left her....
What....that was my best friend asking me to leave my marriage...
what I've worked for for more than five years....
How would u say that don't got another idea???
Well that's tha only thanq I feel you should do....
It's obvious your wife's hanging with another dude...think bout it....

hmmmm....Benny could be true
but naaah I need another move....
This whole stuff bothers me, I'm really depressed
I need to use your bathroom man
I feel pressed....
you got it really had to ask??
Was in the bathroom, did wah I had to do.... what's my eyes seeing, there were pills on the window side
What's this for... should I let this slide??
Damn it's contraceptives, friend doesn't want a child??
And I really need one.....left his stuff
I don't need no more problems...
Benny had a nice background in his house I liked to snap....
Plus he got a new phone...
hey buddy could you gimme some shots...
No problem, but don't forget to send all of your stuff....
we was done and I was sending my pictures
Saw sum'n weird, it was my wife sending Benny her nude pictures....
I looked closely, hell yeah this my wife in his galary....
searched further....I got a was my wife giving my best friend a head...
Look him in the eye all I could think was to hit to the wall and blow his head...
Naah that'd be sudden....
I had questions and My best friend had the answers...
So Benny's been the director directing my wife to suck his d
And same doctor giving her contraceptives
sent the clip to my phone....
Hey Benny I gotta run off....Got sum'n to take care of at home...
Waited for my ex wife to get her bitchy ass home...
Anqry smile in my face... as I heard the knock on the door....
Yeah it'd be a better time for us to talk
Hey babe, how's your director duinq... how's work...
She had this weird expression in her face....
she said....Babe...why u ask??
well he's duinq ok...
Good to know....
aight hunnie.... I'll be upstairs
I played that clip I got from Benny's phone....
Turned the volume up...
she turned to look at me and asked me wah the fuck it was...
showed her the clip, as she was swallowing another man's dick
She couldn't talk...her mouth was shut
Baby I can explain, just make the video stop...
Naaah u gotta watch this shii before u got talk....
We was done watching after three minutes....
Now start talking then u can leave...

she was Quiet

Oh Don't u wanna talk?? Tell me why you feeding on my best friend's dick
cryinq....I'm so sorry babe please
how lonq this been qoinq
It was before we meet

What.... it was so hard to believe
I trusted her....this whole story crazy as it seems

This moment is sad for just me...why u cryinq bitch...
brought my short gun out....
I don't want no more words...put it straiqht in her head....pulled trigger right Tru her brain....Killed a lying, cheating ass bitch....
What bout Benny, uhhh....we grew up together 
he had errthanq to do with it but I couldn't stand to him with a gun and pull the trigger...
I know y'all be asking questions, saying Vincent you's a coward.... 
you killed whom you shared same bed
Let your best friend slide after sleeping with your wife
Well he deserve a second a chance to make things right
besides.... who's gon visit me when I'm serving jail time
Let's not talk bout it a'iqht....

Now I'm serving life sentence for Killinq my wife and my best friend's free alive...
Couple months of hard labour in prison...
I started thinking...why am I here when my best friend should be the person serving...
Got upset I made a few phone calls
I got a Hitman outside the walls...
qave him a name picture, and address of cause
Told him what time Benny would get off from work....
I want him to die a fatal death, I need the man to be crushed....
A week later I was invited from prison to attend his funeral...
Excited Of course i gotta go to spit on his grave and tell him Fuck you for not knowing why u died
You wasn't expecting me to keep the man alive??
was you

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