MUSIC: Funmi Towdah - The Lord's Doing

The Lord's doing is a song inspired by the holy Spirit through Funmi Towdah,it reveals the plan and purpose of God for every individual. Because many situations has made many people so sad about themselves, some look at themselves as a mistake to this world,as someone that is not relevant,a nobody without value,not knowing the plan and purpose of God for everyone is not of evil,the book of Genesis 1:26-29 talks about the characteristics and benefits of every individual (verse 31 of Genesis 1 says: and God saw everything that he had made , and behold,it was very good.)( Psalms 118:23 say's this is THE LORD'S DOING and it is marvelous in our eyes.) therefore  YOU ARE THE WORKS OF GOD, you are marvelous, wonderful, beautiful/handsome,unique,special, lovely and adorable.

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