Mr & Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria in Conjunction with Ojo Federal Constituency set to give back to the society

New picture alert as the management of Mr & Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria organization releases new pictures of her brand's ambassadors in preparation for their hand over come November 15th at Sheraton Hotel, Lagos Nigeria and their independence day's Charity program.
In preparation for their official hand over, the brand in conjunction with Ojo Federal Constituency under the umbrella of Hon. Tajudeen Adekunle Obasa (Member of House of Rep.Ojo Federal Constituency) will be having a skill acquisition program/food drive reach out for the aged in Ojo constituency to commensurate our independence day. 

* How to make hand sanitizer
* Liquid soap
* Organic black soap
* Air fresher 
* How to make Chapman, Sunset, Blue Lagoon, Long Island , Ice tea and Pin Colada (Cocktail drinks)

* Food distribution to distribution to the aged.

An initiative to give back to the society and to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship via skill acquisition training. As its one of our core value as a pageant brand of providing a platform for social relevance for our kings and queens.

Its been a great year and we are most grateful to God despite the pandemic,we still flourished and made our little impact. 

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