Steve Bammy - Ijoba

 Following the ongoing chaos in Nigeria. The ‘AFRICAN GIANT‘ is suffering from bad governance and lawless killings by her law enforcement agents. Steve Bammy is using his voice as a weapon to correct so many wrongs. He is also joining forces with the vast majority who are very ready for political revolution. This is to make things change for better in the way the Nigerian citizens are being treated. Steve Bammy is a passionate and patriotic Nigerian citizen, whose voice echoes from the diaspora to put a stop to the way his people are being treated back home by bad governance. He clearly put his message across using his Yoruba dialect and named this track IJOBA (Government). This is the voice of a patriotic Nigerian citizen. IJOBA!!! Produced by jazzybassbeatz. Dedicating the song to all tose who loss their lives 20.10.2020 Lekki Massacre

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