MEGN Crown Is Not My Major Priority - Model Temilade Adeyemo



The Popular Nigeria only CEO and Talents Manager who remains a Model despite the fact that her Modelling Academy won The Modelling Academy of the year 2016 in NUT Awards has chosen to keep her drive hard and tight despite been a boss and a model coach.

Temilade  Adeyemo in her humble self contested for Most Elegant Girl in Nigeria 2020 only for her to break out the silence by answering her fans, models and associates in the last Live interview she had on Biscon TV channel 108 on GOTV that MEGN Crown is not her major priority for contesting in the pageant.

As she added "I run a Modelling Academy in Lagos, I need to stay involke as an instructor because learning is a continuous process you stop learning you die" this drive is indeed exceptional to go that far to learn a new thing to raise new generation of models then it's mind blowing.... I have every reasons to accept she's The World Best Model she also says Nigeria should expect another of her project lunch CiTi Bulwark Model Look 2020/2021 which was unveiled online on over 25popular blogs in Nigeria, Zambia and Ghana.

This fashion event will promote , showcase different fabrics latest glamorous styles & designs , also bring designers from hook & nook of this country together.

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