"OJALI" The Movie To Watch Out For Produced by Actor Abaji Maimuna Yahaya

 A Royal family kept loosing their precious male children, the heir apparent on a particular day in a stipulated season of their lives in such a mysterious strange manner. The drama evolves as they all live through their ordeals working together to cope with it and to unravel the mysteries.

OJALI The Movie talks about unraveling the mysteries surrounding infant mortality 


Ngozi Nwosu

Kalu Ikeagu

Abaji Maimuna Yahaya

Rite Edward

Emeka Okoye

Ejiro Okurame

Calista Nwajide

Taiwo Ola 

And others

Produced by Abaji Maimuna Yahaya

Directed by Okey Ifeanyi

Scripted by Gift Ihuoma Agu

Edited by Ikenna Nwani


JFO Baba Ojonugwa.

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