FalipupaDanceChallenge + 5 reasons why TPlan is the Next Big Thing in the Nigerian Music Industry

#FalipupaDanceChallenge + 5 reasons why TPlan is the Next Big Thing in the Nigeri#FalipupaDanceChallenge + 4 reasons why TPlan is the Next Big Thing in the Nigerian Music Industry 

 It is no longer news that Ole crooner' TPlan is one very talented and lyrically gifted music artist. The Britts World Entertainment superstar has been in the music booth all year dishing out hits after hits and it is only a matter of time before he gets on the lips of every Nigerian and possibly everyone worldwide. 

 The Anambra born and Lagos based artist doubles as a producer and was responsible for the production of some of his songs. 

TPlan started doing music from the grassroot as fun, before breaking out of its shell to establish himself and put his name on the map as a solo artist. Signed to a germany based record label known as "Britts World Entertainment", a deal which came as a form of push for the talented musician. Earlier this year, TPlan dropped two singles from his forthcoming Album that is expected to drop next year and these two songs has been making waves all over the World.

 Below are four reasons why we feel this talented upcoming superstar is the next big thing coming out of the Nigerian music industry. 

  1. His Style Of Music TPlan owns a very unique style of music that is likened to no one else. His originality is something most of his fans loved about him. The afrobeat/hip hop artist delivers music without stress just like the biblical Hebrew women were meant to deliver kids without stress. You can confirm this claim by taking a listen to some of his songs here

  2. His Record Label Like we told you, TPlan has a backing of one of the best record label in the music industry at the moment. The record label known as Britts World Entertainment is owned by a Nigerian known as Awin Williams aka "Dezaddywilliams" and its headquarters is in Germany. Awin Williams is a lover of good music and this is why he single handedly picked TPlan and signed him to his label. This partnership will surely break into the music scene in a matter of months. Watch this space. 

  3. Tplan been a Producer Like we told you, TPlan is also gifted with some production skills and you will agree with me that a complete artist is one who can also produce his own music. Looking at some of the best artists in Nigeria, you will realize that the one thing they have in common is their ability to produce their own songs. TPlan also fall into this category. 4. His Attitude TPlan is a guy who's very humble and down to earth. It is no longer news that talent alone cannot take you far in life, one also needs to be humble and loyal to those who are ahead of him. Apart from the music industry, whatever sector you find yourself in the world, without humility and a positive attitude, the probability of you been a failure is second to none. TPlan is a very humble and cool headed musician, watch out for him. 

  5. He is a Hit Maker TPlan is a certified hit maker. The artist has been delivering some bangers recently and has collaborated with some top Nigerian musicians. From Do Be That, African Woman, Falipupa, Ole and then Anambra to Lekki, these are just appetizers compared to what he is still cooking in the kitchen. He has collaborated with the likes of Mr Real and still has a shortlist of some very talented Nigerian musicians already in the limelight that he will work with. In a few years, I can beat my chest that TPlan will become a household name. His latest two singles Ole and Anambra To Lekki is currently trending online, radio stations and clubs across the country. You can Google these songs or check all online stores to stream them as only a listen will put a stamp to our claim.  

 In a related news, TPlan has something for his fans and it's called the #FalipupaDanceChallenge. The Britts World Entertainment superstar in collaboration with his label boss has decided to give back to his loyal fans. 30k up for grabs weekly from now till September 30th so if you are a good dancer, here is an opportunity to get yourself some cool cash. Below is how to participate:

  ALL YOU NEED DO: 1. DOWNLOAD/GET THE SONG. (Google TPlan ft Mr Real - Falipupa) or Download Here 2: LOG ON TO INSTAGRAM & FOLLOW @BRITTSTPLAN. 3: MAKE A DANCE VIDEO OF FALIPUPA. 4: POST YOUR VIDEO ON INSTAGRAM AND TAG @BRITTSTPLAN with the hashtag #FalipupaDanceChallenge. 5: GET YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO LIKE AND COMMENT ON YOUR VIDEO. Video with the highest comments and likes gets 30K per week . This challenge ends september 30th 2021. Are you game, what are you waiting for??? Watch this space for more of Tplan.

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