Lavolta Stars - Our Disciples (PBUY COVER)


The Lavolta Stars said each time they played PBUY by Asake, they always have this feeling of cock-a-hoop. They noted they couldn't help but to marvel at this new hit song by Asake. So they decided to come up with a cover, and the original plan was to do an instrumental version of PBUY by Asake.

 Along the line, they noticed the strictly instrumental version was not doing it well enough for them so their producer suggested they added a few vocal lines to embellish the core instrumental vibes. The result is what they titled “Our Disciples PBUY (Cover)”. It's a jam that keeps everybody on their feet.

 This is a perfect club jam any day and time. Albeit DJs can't wait to lay their hands on this jam from Lavolta Stars, who are fast becoming the fastest growing band in the Land. “Our Disciples PBUY (Cover)” by Lavolta Stars was produced by Lowkeyz, a badass producer.


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