Nigeria has some of the continent’s most busy cities, so it’s not surprising that housing is in such great demand.

LandLady Enterprise is a real estate marketing firm. They discover budget-friendly and well-titled properties and also feeds prospective and existing clients with the information about them.

Sorinola Omolara, the CEO and founder of Landlady Enterprises Limited, is one real estate and property expert excelling against all odds in Nigeria’s real estate and property market.

She believes that one can make big returns on investment by purchasing real estate in Nigeria with the appropriate approach, method, and knowledge and the brand is here to provide that.

In addition, one of their core values is ‘Relationship Maintenance’.

“I am calm, I treat my clients like family, and I’ve got vast knowledge about real estate,” Omolara said.

Landlady Enterprises provide excellent real estate products while still being dedicated to giving out outstanding customer experiences.

The company also renders advisory services after doing comparative analysis on key estates in Lagos, Nigeria. They are capable of advising you on making profitable investments.

They have their offices around Lagos and Ogun state, Nigeria.

Their properties are also free from government acquisition and Omo Onile encumbrances. Their industry acumen and experience ensures that favorable financial and legal terms are obtained for prospective and existing clients.

Their aim is to make Land/home ownership effortless for people. They also undertake some aspects of property brokerage like purchases and leasing of commercial and residential properties across Nigeria.

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